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Forged by hate.  Empty Forged by hate.

Post by Shrike Marine on Sun Sep 11, 2016 4:41 pm

Time had passed after the infamous G.U.N renegade was able to sink Horizon reach corporation into the ground for good after getting his chance to expose the entire truth behind them, this exposure not only resulting in H.R.C being driven out all together but lifted his wanted bounty on his head, 5 years of chaotic fighting had finally come to a end and the lone soldier could now breath easy for once in that time, however the marks and scars were something that were never going to leave him, little did he know that one nightmare had ended with another only about to begin. 

2 years sweep by, Shrike embraced his new found freedom, not really sure what to do with his life he returns to the only thing he ever knew, being a soldier but not one by military standards, a free lancer offering his service for protecting small towns and isolated villages to far from mainstream forces, there he began a long process of recovery, a recovery he had to do on his own, but with growing interaction he began to change back to his old self before the crisis happened, often times helping others, caring , protecting and many more deeds earned him a good reputation even some admires.

However there was one who was not content with him and his life among the world, that man was non other then the infamous Dr Robotnik, Shrike had been a thorn in his back side for those 5 years as he was responsible for multiple raids and intervention against some of his plans, considering him a threat to his empire he had plans to destroy him when he least expected it, removing one more threat from his goal of domination. Shrike would be off guard and un expecting what was to come, the perfect chance for revenge. 

Shrike was sitting inside a small mobian village with his feet up, gun across his lap and his hands behind the back of his helmet, it was getting to the time where all were settling down for sleep, he on the hand was getting ready for night watch, soon enough all was quiet not a sound but the gentle wind blowing, thinking no harm would come as was all other 7 nights had already spent, Shrikes drop of guard would be his down fall, with lighting and unexpected time mechanized forces struck hard and fast attacking for all sides, surprised and shocked the masked free lancer quickly returned fire blowing holes in a few of them, but un prepared for an assault of this force there was little he could do, he watch the town burn in the fires as the robots smashed it to the ground, despite the effort Shrike tried to fight back he was over whelmed and incapacitated. All he could hear was the sound of machines and screams before total black out. 

It would be some time before Shrike regain his conscious state, upon waking he found himself being held inside a large facility a facility with the mark he recognized right away, it was not long before the Dr. himself appeared at the holding cell of Shrike, he explained his reasons for doing so Shrike on the other hand said nothing, yet down inside he felt hatred towards him, he wanted to kill him but let his freedom get to him. The Dr. explained that he was simply not going to terminate him yet had a purpose for him a far greater one then he originally planned for. What this was well Shrike was going to find out.

Shrike once more was incapacitated and moved to another room, when awoken he found himself strapped to a table unable to move, he looked around where he was, seemed to be some kind of medical facility, however his short inspection cut short by the appearance of Robotnik once more, he said nothing other then he would be seeing me again but next time as a ally. Before Shrike could even utter a word a large stimulant of drugs were injected into him causing a almost instant black out.

It was unclear how long Shrike was out for but the time lapse was indeed long. Slowly his eyes flickered open, he could see a bright light on the roof, he could not move the only thing he could do was move his head, He panicked and tried to move yet could not, until he heard what sounded like a power generator start up, suddenly he could see data in front of him as if there was some kind of screen overlay, all kinds of data to do with weapons , armor , health , sensors and more.
Finally he was able to move upon moving he could hear what sounded like mechanical parts moving as if robotic, upon sitting up Shrike lifted his head, before him a large 3 meter mirror, upon looking Shrike could not believe what he was looking at, Shrike had been completely transformed, nothing but sheer shock came over him, He looked like some kind of horrid weapon creation, half man and machine. Starting from his legs it looked like his legs had a exo suit joints fused to the sides of his leg with powerful metal out rim going around his boots, moving up his armor had been re hauled over and now looked 3 times it size, far more bulky then before, with few lights and pipes around it, upon looking at his left arm he could see that his entire left fore arm had been amputated and replaced a large 6 barrel rotating large weapon that seemed to be connected or fused to his arm, pipes and wired embedded into his arm connected directly to his nervous system, looking to his right was the same effect only this take it was like a larger mechanical armor that seemed to have a chainsaw blade above the wrist.

Looking back at the mirror Shrike could see even more gear strapped to him, on his left should was a large 4 tube weapon that registered on his overlay as a missile launcher, on the right shoulder it seemed Robotnik had come across the troops ultimate weapon, the devastator, tweaked and adapted it had been integrated onto his right shoulder, the large weapon stuck out about a meter and looked all powerful. Shrike finally turned around and what he saw was even more horrifying, fused directly into his back connected to his spinal cord, and nervous system was a power core system that ran his systems, looking through the screen over lay he was able to see a lot of his organs had been removed as no longer needed, he didn't need to eat or could get tiered, pain was almost totally removed. the last noticeable thing he could see was what was on his head, his old brown helmet that once shielded his face gone, replaced by a almost bone white skull helmet, with a menacing evil grin, and two blue glowing eyes emanating from each of the eye holes, it was unclear if any cybernetics made it to his face.

Shrike didn't have enough time to take in the horror of what he had become, now about 8 feet tall and weighing in at a full ton he looked like a walking weapon, the doors of the medical facility slammed wide open and out stepped the Dr. himself consumed by rage the hulking cyborg lunged at the Dr. with the intent to kill him but was stopped by remote control that disabled most of his systems. As Shrike crashed down onto the floor he spoke, his voice was now a deep echo sounding tone, he asked what had been done to him. Robotnik was more then glad to explain that this served as both punishment to him for all his raids and set backs against the Dr. and to be the newest lethal weapon deployed by Robotnik to eliminate his other enemies. 

Shrike refused to listen and conform to this idea as he still had his free will. Robotnik on the other hand knew had to fix the issue, Shrike was hauled off by other robots to another room inside the large facility, once more confined to a table Shrike was plugged into a strange computer system, Robotnik himself explained what was about to happen, telling him that when he wakes up next time he will be changed and be perfect weapon of war, as if you would switch off a TV so Shrike lost conscious. Upon waking he heard a voice call to him, The voice was the Dr's he called him by a strange name a name he knew...Shredder, released from his harness the 8 foot tall cyborg stood up. The Dr examined him asking him questions about who he was before, his past and what he is designed for. Shredder responded by not known of who Shrike was not knowing any details of his past, any family or friends, Shredder then explained that he was to serve the empire as a weapon to eliminate all those who oppose it. It had worked the Dr. had created a weapon far beyond his robots, who had the ability to think like a living being but had the gear and weapons of a powerful robot. 

Confined to a isolated holding cell for inspection Shredder was monitored and tested to see if it had indeed passed, and that he did, all tests were passed and some even surpassed the expectations of the Dr himself. Shredder was able to with stand tremendous punishment even met out by the heaviest of weapons. Shredder was also loaded to the brim with weapons able to lay down un match able power destroying even the hardest of targets. Combined with his advance software , technology, counter measures and abilities Shredder proved to be almost unstoppable. But his true lethal force lay in the fact of him being able to think for himself, able to act like a living being would and make decisions on the fly. It seemed perfect, almost to perfect and it was.

Shredder had some flaws, quite noticeable ones, first and foremost was shredders inability to control himself when fighting resulting in over use of ordinance for such simple things, this problem was addressed by fitting him with a Techno warp ammo replenisher allowing him to virtually never have to rearm. The second was that he was not totally compliant with every order given to him and some times even questioned this, but his biggest issue was his inability to fire indiscriminately on targets, when posed with simulations of civilians Shredder refused to fire on them. 
Again and again tests were done with the same result, refusing to fire on them, Dr Robotnik came to the conclusion that during the memory wipe he was unable to wipe all of it away, some of Shrikes core personality had remained with Shredder so acts such as shooting civilians was something he refused to do, as well as some times disobeying orders that he deemed useless or simply not carrying out a order because he did not feel like it. Not matter what the Dr. tried he could not remove his feature about him, thus he install a aggression amplifier, this system would kick in during battle to ensure Shredder would do what the Dr. ordered however the system was prone to being rejected some times. The last flaw was his mechanical systems could be effected by a certain high level electromagnetic pulses which would cause his systems to go into unstable state causing him to loose control for periods of time.

Never the less the weapon created by the Dr. gave him a new asset to use in order to beat his rivals, loaded , armored , packed to the brim with gear and controlled and thinking of a living being he had turned a once fighter for freedom into a mechanical nightmare, a creation forged by hate.
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