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This is mainly a NPC faction for stories, but if you want a character to join it feel free. mainly this company tends to give our contracts for mercenary characters as well.

Faction Name:
CEO: Iseabail MacCosgraigh
Location: Itriwrose City, Eurish
Staff population:2,500,000

Company type: Megacorporation. Focus heavily on Biogenetics, Cybernetics, Weapons development, mek development, Urban development, Comsumer goods

Combat traits

Powers/Technology:Advanced cybernetics, biogenetics, and meks

-Large funding
-Skilled Private military
-a few soldiers undergoing the cybernetic experiment known as Neos

-Must keep most shady dealing under the table due to government and GUN policies
-PMC forces are only allowed to operate in VALKOM owned territory
-technology of meks and weapons are middle ground (more advanced than gun ,but not as advanced as Eggman Empire. they make up for that in there cybernetics and biogenetics departments).

Social information

Positive relations
(will add over the course of the RP)
Negative relations[/u]
(will add over the course of the RP)

Founded 10 decades before the Station Square incident. VALKOM started as a small biotechnology and urban development firm. Helping with various hospitals in station square and urban development, After the Station Square Incident they were one of the many corporations that assisted with redevelopment of the area. They started developing meks for construction purposes to help rebuild the city. Soon VALKOM grew to one of the fortune 500 companies and started development of Itriwrose City. A self sustaining underground city due to the conflicts between many factions forced them underground to protect there equipment and technologies.

, However there were rumors they been working on more advanced technology involving genetics and cybernetics to create super soldiers. one technology that been getting our is Neo Humans and Neo Mobians. The only thing officially was that it replaced parts of the body mainly the muscular, nervous, and skeletal systems with cybernetic augmentation, Though the truth only by those in VALKOM R+D divisions. Although there is no secret that those that underwent it can control a mek as if there were their own body, but also as stronger and faster than a normal person (though not as fast as the blue blur himself)

Divisions and Division Heads

Mek Development
Head:Bartolome Muro

Cybernetics/Genetics development
Head:Brigitte Lichter

Weapons Development
Head:Jean-François Fournier

Urban Development
Head:Chia Ninghong

Consumer Goods
Head:Hasegawa Tanaka

PMC Force (Garde Écossaise)
General:Rusnak Yeremey Ilyich
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