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Post by MikeMurdock on Mon Aug 29, 2016 4:45 am

Link to the site( click here)

Myself and Storm Wave founded this site so long ago back in the old days of another site. Sprite wars is a community comic where people build up a army using sprites (edited, custom, or otherwise) or go it as a single character or a small group and fight eachother in a series of 'Campaigns' where each person makes a story of there faction workign towards there goal and either allying with other factions , groups, or individuals that are also looking towards the same goal and try every attempt to annhilate them off the map.

We also have sections for Fourm Role-Playing, showing off sprite works/comics, and other stuff.

I know it is a long shot since this Fourm is mainly roleplaying ,but doesn't hurt to post anyway in case if there are those interested.
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