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Post by Caliburn on Sat Aug 06, 2016 3:38 pm

So, Starbound.

I'm not sure how people view the game. Lots of people say it's a worse Terraria, and honestly, I can see what people mean by that. But honestly... Starbound has actually been a very good game to me. Immersion is something it executes extremely well. Without a doubt.

7 (I believe) playable races, Human, Hyotl, Apex, Glitch, Floran, Avian, Novakid, all of which have their own unique kind of "story" to them. As in, they have their own characteristics, etc, all in the middle of the universe. It's pretty cool, and provides a very awesome universe to actually roleplay in, too.

In terms of gameplay, Starbound is lacking the most when it comes to the actual... main gameplay. The exploration part is awesome. You can fly to any other planet in the whole universe of the game, I forget exactly how many there are but it's supposedly in the billions. However, some places are way too small. Some places are a bit... awkward and full of literally nothing. While this may be very atmospheric... gameplay should come first in my eyes. That's the whole point of having a game.

Things Starbound executes extremely well however is build up. They build up the threat of this big godlike destroyer of worlds absolutely amazingly. The whole game is pretty much about getting ready to face it head on. I won't say much more for those who haven't played the game regardless.

But the MAIN thing that I can say Starbound has is extremely high potential to be a fantastic game. I'm not sure how other people view it, once again. But I'd like to hear people's thoughts?

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