Does any one else genuinely like "Shadow The Hedgehog" game?

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Does any one else genuinely like "Shadow The Hedgehog" game?

Post by Vairik The Hedgehog on Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:40 am

I got a game cube at game-stop when they were going used 20$ one of the games i got with it was shadow the hedgehog because i had seen my friend who had a ps2 had it and we played it for a loooooong time together when i was like 8 (this was my first experience with anything sonic related) so i bought it. mainly because i there was no Mario sunshine.... but that is another story.... 

i Found the game very good, and i thought it was fun. 
some of the complaints i have heard about the game i haven't experienced.
like "The controls are broken" maybe the gamecube version has the  best controls but honestly i have no clue what people are talking about.

So what do you think?

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Re: Does any one else genuinely like "Shadow The Hedgehog" game?

Post by The Red Blur on Wed Jul 20, 2016 12:19 pm

I'll agree the difficulty is ridiculous (damn you, chaos beasts!) and the controls are slippery as all hell, but I don't see why people have the issues they have with it. I mean, at least they tried, unlike a certain game that rhymes with tonic loom. *ahem ahem*


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Re: Does any one else genuinely like "Shadow The Hedgehog" game?

Post by C.S.O. on Wed Jul 20, 2016 4:51 pm

Hmmm... I haven't played through Shadow the Hedgehog in a while but the game does have some issues.

A lot of the missions are tedious and boring. 'Destroy this many of that thing.' So you have to go run around these closed areas looking for specific things to blow up. The boss fights feel really uninspired too.

The controls didn't seem too bad. I never really had any issues getting around.

The guns are totally out of place in a Sonic game. They shouldn't be there at all. Fortunately, they are implemented well and are fun to use. They help offset some of the boring missions that they have cause shooting stuff is fun.

The story is just awful... This game made such a mess out of Shadow's back story. And like the most important piece of information in the story, with respect to the previous games, isn't told to you until you hang around in the final final boss fight for about 12 minutes or so. I never found out about that until I watched a commentary on the game.

Overall... The game has some good points and some bad points. I kinda consider it a mediocre game really. Only in comparison to 06 is this game good. Smile

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Re: Does any one else genuinely like "Shadow The Hedgehog" game?

Post by Dregan on Wed Jul 20, 2016 6:39 pm

I actually really enjoyed Shadow the Hedgehog when I played it. Incredibly flawed, but I certainly didn't dislike it.

Deeefinitely didn't find the controls broken. There waaas the occasional missed homing attack that flung me off the edge and to my death, though that's never really been exclusive to Shadow - homing attack screw-ups are practically common enough in the series to be called a 'feature'. Beyond that, found it controlled fine.
I also didn't find too much issue with the difficulty, beyond one particular level. Had to chase something or other and destroy it in a certain amount of time? Just seemed to be 'that one level' for me, was hellacious.

I will however, concede to C.S.O's points above. Many of the missions were kinda repetetive/dull, with very little variety on what they asked you to do a lot of the time. The story too, was a mess, trying to be dark and gritty but largely coming off as convoluted and needless, adding loads of elements to Shadow which were largely unneccesary and for the most part not really touched upon again.

I will argue about guns being 'out of place' in Sonic. Not that I think standard issue rifles and such are fitting the world, but more cartoony guns - like the Egg Blasters - seem right at home. I don't think the Sonic series shouldn't have zero guns, rather, if they intend to use them, stick to the more fantastical kinds rather than use legitimate real-world guns.

Last thing I'll say is... I do think it's kinda unfair to go 'Why do people complain about this game when we have such terrible titles in the franchise as Sonic 06 and Sonic Boom?' Since well, when Shadow came out we didn't. A lot of criticisms are mounted against it as an individual product, not as a product standing alongside even worse products that came along many years later. 'Sonic Boom is terrible' isn't really a defense of Shadow's more laclustre features.

Either way, all in all? I enjoyed Shadow the Hedgehog. I wish it had done a whooole bunch of things differently, including - quite damningly - the story and the missions. But I at least remember sitting down with the game and having fun.
Do I think it's a good game? Nnnooot reeeaaally? But do I think it's as bad as everyone makes out? Definitely not. I think even with the admittance it's not very good, I still kinda like it.

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Re: Does any one else genuinely like "Shadow The Hedgehog" game?

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