Tying up loose ends.

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Post by Shrike Marine on Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:27 pm

-Shrike, still down on the floor, covering the round that had struck him in the front of his shoulder, couldn't do much but watch how quickly the tables turned, he knew the bounty in his head might provoke a little interest, perhaps his speech on what he said about Shrike being a murderer, a rouge and that bringing him in will bring him to justice, but probably just a method to side track her. 

Shrike then saw something, the real up close and dark side of who she was, or what they had done to her, just being in mere distance sparked a uneasy feeling, he watched the whole event unfold before him, how she gripped him with strength beyond any thing short of a dark one, how she toyed with him but the end result was disturbing, even Shrike who was noted to be violent became almost slightly disturbed about the manner of which how she killed him.

Ripping the heart clear out of his chest and tossing him aside like a common item, the last time he had seen such a feat was way back a few years when one of the powerful Dark ones tore one of his friends in half, it hollowed back memories of that time, yet he was thankful for that she saved his life, no one had done that, of course now he knew the full extend of what they did to her, they turned her into a killing machine with a twisted side.

Shrike slowly climbs to his knees before forcing himself up onto his feet, clutching his shoulder upon where the bullet made a entry, he gave her a small nod, before they could relish in a victory again from the side came gun fire, the last two bounty hunters moving on their position, seems like they were doing a tactic called "scorched earth" they had set fire to every thing to deny the civilians escape, burning what they had.

Shrike pulled the bolt back on his rifle and began to engage.-

"Tala! You take the one on the left I will take the one o the right, kill them quickly we need to clear the civilians before the fire consumes them...it is pay back time!" 
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