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Post by Envy the Jealous on Tue Jul 05, 2016 11:08 pm

The until recently low-key Umbra-Gyro Corp was founded in ---- when a Doktor Vortera formed together a group of around 500 scientists and engineers to work on creating replacements for normal soldiers, as all of these members had lost family to various wars, causing much grief to them, and they did not want the same to happen to others, so it was not hard to convince them to work with her..

Until now, the Umbra-Gyro Corporation was little-known, but those outside of the corporation who knew were forced to keep quiet through bribery, threats, and in rare cases blackmail, despite their good intentions.

Many of their projects failed, but Doktor Vortera used many of her hard-earned favours to keep the funding going, and they began working on Project: E.N.V.Y, a project centering around the turning of normal mobians and humans into biomechanic soldiers, which could counter just about any sort of threat using the ability to change themselves into anything.

It is reported that the locks on the blast doors to containment, and the containment cells within, were shut off, allowing all the subjects to escape, many of the Umbra-Gyro Staff were killed, including their founder, and almost all of the escaped subjects were destroyed.

However, it was found that one of the biomechs survived, but no information on this last biomech have been found, as much of the data was found destroyed during the havoc.

As for the remaining staff, many members have gone missing or have been apprehended for their crimes against mobian and human kind, but all refuse to speak of the corporation or their projects, as they were meant to be top secret. While other members are in mental hospitals for the trauma caused by the incident of Project: E.N.V.Y

There is no other information open to the public about this corporation, credit to Loko and Lira Dar'veri for finding most of this information.

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Umbra-Gyro Corp Empty Re: Umbra-Gyro Corp

Post by Shrike Marine on Wed Jul 06, 2016 9:59 am

Another corporation, these guys seem rather interesting.
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