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Kia Apollo Katsu Hsaaaaaaaagfyhgfhllllf_ssss_000000jjj_by_dogy9978-da7y4po
Name: Kia Apollo Katsu 
Nicknames: Kia
Age: 53
Species: Fox
Gender: Female
Occupation: Judge
Racial view: "I don't see race. All I see are your actions." 

Personality traits

- The thing she likes the most is when justice is served. 
- Mythological Creatures
- Jewelry

- Spicy food
- Pranks "You can thank Lillith and her accursed book for that"
- Unfair situations

 Kia is known to be serious and self-assured. There are times where if the situation is odd enough, she will be sarcastic. Depending on how you appear on the scale at the moment, she will either be kind or critical to others. Mostly honest and dependable, she can and has kept many secrets. She tries her best to sound calm in front of people no matter how she feels. She is stern and does not get intimidated even when she knows she is the weak one. Even with all this, there are times when she can't cover up her real emotions.

Combat traits

Powers: None? Wink

Weapon: "Spear of Justice"
Kia Apollo Katsu Grand_spear_of_justice_000000_by_dogy9978-da695f9
- The spear is able to sense people that have done wrong and glows red when it is pointed at the person who has done wrong. 
- The spear can be summoned by simply calling for its aid.
- While it can hurt anyone, the spear will only kill the unpure and evil. If you are a good person than the spear will not allow the user to do the finishing blow to you. How it will stop the user from doing the final blow is by literally unsummoning itself. It will summon back when the user switches targets.
- The spear's origin is still unknown. All is known is that Lillith gave it to Kia and told her to protect that spear with her life. "You and the spear are now connected. if it breaks, so will you."

- She's a very good decision maker. Being a judge a for years has made her able to weigh the facts and apply the law and rules to make decisions quickly.
- Very skilled in wielding a spear. She took up half of her spare time training with it.

- She twitches whenever she loses self-control and lets her emotions get the best of her.
- While she has no health problems, it doesn't change her age, she gets tired easily.

Social information

Positive relations
- Ren "Voltraire"
Kia Apollo Katsu Dg_dvte_000000_by_dogy9978-dawkfes

 Kia has always been there to support him. When he made a decision to follow his dreams and not pursue fame like the rest of her family, she was there to help him out. She even paid for Ren's collage. They would always hang out whenever she had free time which was only twice a month. She'd always buy him a lava lamp when she came. She really felt happy when he'd add the lamps to his living room. And while now Voltraire is evil, She can't get the heart to put him behind bars. She cares too much to follow her duties and put him in his place.

 Kia always felt bad for Liela. She wished she would have had a chance to convince her parents to accept Liela but that chance was completely gone when one day they were mysteriously slaughtered. This made Kia only feel more for Liela. Whenever she visited Voltraire, she would always make sure that Liela would have a good time. Bringing her gifts and putting Liela's favorite candy in her pockets. Knowing all too well that Liela would pickpocket it. 

 While at first she didn't like Lillith for being mean towards her. When Kia would continuously make Liela happy in her visits, Lillith seemed to stop the cruel actions towards Kia. Lillith was so grateful to Kia for always being able to make Liela happy that she gave Kia a spear of truth. Kia was going to give the spear back to Lillith because of her dislike in fighting but Lillith explained the purpose of the weapon. Kia understood and took responsibility for it. They became closer to each other after that. Not too close since Lillith would always pull some sort of prank on her.

Negative relations

 Kia is the first born in the Katsu family. At this time, her parents were middle-class lawyers. They were very caring and settled back. There were no pressures on Kia in her youth and she actually wanted to become a lawyer just like her parents. Kia saw them as heroes, saving mobians that had been falsely accused and taking down the real criminals not by fighting but by facts and reason. Truly something worthy of her time. So she dedicated all of her life to do good in the right way, not getting engaged by what she considered barbaric fighting from the other heroes. As the years went on, she started to see her family grow. Her brothers had become lucky and seemed to get a grab at fame. Making the family rich. This seemed to corrupt Kia's parents. They became more expecting of their children. Wanting them to produce the same results. Kia grew disgusted by her parents being strict and wanting all their children to achieve something that is completely based on luck. She had enough of it and finally left them alone for a while. Seeing that staying with them would only stray her from her goal to do good. She left to become a judge, still keeping tabs on the family. 

 After several years she finally got her doctoral degree, she came back to see how things were going. Nothing changed, they seemed as corrupt as ever but there was some hope for the family when the last born, Ren, made actions against their parents by following what he really wanted to be. Kia felt the need to help him achieve this. But it all fell apart years later when Ren had finally snapped with their parents and sought power, not for fame or to impress them but to put them in their place(well at least that's what Kia thinks). Kia knew this was only going to go downhill but she wouldn't accept. It just wasn't fair, there needed to be justice. She would make sure there would be justice. While Ren's intentions were wrong, he was going to give their parents what they deserve and how could she go against that. Kia would continue her judge duties while still keeping up with the situation with Ren.

Random Quotes
 "We all make mistakes. It's all about the paths we take." 
 "I have saved and denounce countless lives with a simple pound of a gavel. Do not question my authority!"

Random Facts
- She is missing her tail entirely
- She has perfect posture.
- Kia earns enough money to be considered an upper class person.

Theme song

Kia Apollo Katsu Lillith_icon_by_dogy9978-da7103gLillith REF   Kia Apollo Katsu Ezgif_com_gif_maker__2__by_dogy9978-dah9lvrTenala REF
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