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Hukaro padashi(my new manga) Empty Hukaro padashi(my new manga)

Post by kingleon on Sat May 14, 2016 12:01 am

Hey srn its been a while since  i posted. So im going to tell you about my new manga , Hukaro padashi!! Hukaro padashi is a shonen bssed on the adventures of Rinkaku matabashi rinkaku is a holder of the element of lightning, he uses a fighting style called mikaku, in order for me to explain what a mikaku is i have to tell more about the attacks
You see the source of energy that fuels attacks in hukaro padashi  is called kubatshi, attacks in this universe are called arcenos, there are also 4 fighting styles  in this universe,  kotiki, a fighting style  based on physical  attack, mikaku:a fighting style  based on kubatshi  arcenos, kakuro: a fighting style based on defense, makuro: a balance of physical attack,  defense and  kubatshi  attacks
Also in other news. I am trying to make  or find a good opening or ending theme song. If you guys could find some good music or tell me some android  apps  good  for making songs tnat would help me
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