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Lillith trompe l'oeil


Ink demon

 Very optimistic, kind, and brave. She tries her best to make people happy and make you feel like life is good. But that's all just a clever façade to hide her demonic desires. She tries to lure you into telling what motivates you and when your back is turned, destroys it. When she isn't pretending to be a harmless little kitty, she is cruel and heartless. Wanting to see people break. The only person that she will not do these things to is her master.  " Awww, don't tell me you actually fell for my little innocent act. I'm a demon, what did you expect?"

 She had been created/summoned by a dark magician that needed a demon to do his bidding. But the magician wanted a demon that is not like other demons. One that didn't look as monstrous or betray at the opportunity. The closest thing to that was Lillith. Lillith served the magician obediently for decades. From getting the groceries to murder. Lillith would do anything. She even decided to ruin and break others lives, just to make her master look better than everyone else. When the time came for the magician's life to end, Lillith would be left without a master. The magician, feeling so grateful for the years she has served, didn't want Lillith to be left alone. So he left her with one last order. For her next master to be one who is like ghosts. She didn't really get what her master meant but for years, she looked all over Mobius for a mobian that would fit that description. 

 Then, one day while she was wondering a marketplace, she found a mobian pickpocketing. Lillith would have dismissed this as a common thief but the way the thief pick pocketed was quite special. The thief literally fazed her hands into the bags of unsuspecting mobians. Grabbing whatever valuables that could be gotten in a moment. Something in Lillith clicked and she started to follow the thief to her home. Lillith literally knocked on the door and told the thief that she would be staying and following orders from her until she dies. It took a couple weeks of Lillith constantly bugging the thief until the thief gave up trying to avoid Lillith. The thief asked for a redo of first impressions and Lillith gladly took the offer. "I'm Lillith and I've traveled all of Mobius to come and serve you, new master"

- Dark humor
- Pranks
- The color purple
- Bells
- Watching people suffer or have bad times.
- Mages
- Dragons

- Average things
- Repetition
- She hates not being taken seriously(mostly because of her small size and childish appearance)
- People who hurt her master.

- Can shoot shadow-ish purple ink. While ink may seem harmless. Having it thrown at you with incredible speed and pressure with the addition of her dark energy can inflict pain. Since she's able to produce ink, running out of it isn't a problem. 

- Also, can change her physical form into ink and back with little effort. This enables her to ooze into cracks. If any part of her body is separated from her, it will automatically turn into ink. She will produce whatever limb was separated quickly.

- Is able to faintly sense the energies that make up creatures. She usually uses that to identify other living things like nymphs, other demons, and etc. She is also able to sense objects that have an element of magic in it. This ability to sense such energies is only available when she is close to the creature or object.

- Along her travels, she encountered an extremely powerful being who she befriended through her actions. The being granted her the power to transform into a dragon only when the situation seems dire.

Weapon(Ink Whip):
Lillith Trompe L'oeil The_ink_whip_by_dogy9978-daam2ud
- The ink only appears when the proper wielder is holding it. If the improper wielder holds the whip, they will only see the handle.

- There is ink that is constantly oozing out of Lillith's body leaving a trail of ink where ever she goes. This can be real disadvantaging if she is being chased and is trying to hide.
- Get's distracted by shiny things and bells
- Scared of being trapped. She will freak out if she is ever put in a cage or prison.
- She has a short temper at times making her randomly try and hurt others. Mostly to the person who caused her to get mad.
- Water will dissolve her. 

- She's good at acting. She's been faking her goody-goody attitude for decades. pretending to be someone else isn't a challenge for her anymore.

Current master:
Lillith Trompe L'oeil Liela_icon_by_dogy9978-dac06xxLiela Devionus

Random Quotes(because why not)

 "You can do it! As long as you have the will to live!"

" My master is the only living thing that matters at the end of the day for me. Do anything to hurt my master, and I'll make sure you have a bad time."

 " It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know what you ache for. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive. And when I find out what made you wake up this morning... heh. I'll make sure it lies there died in your room tomorrow."

Other things to know: 

- She is the average height of a 10-year-old.

-No one has ever seen her left eye. "And you never will. My first master made sure it would never regenerate."

- She has no memory of her past life. She only remembers being in hell but never the reason why she was sent there.

- She isn't single but is also not officially taken. If someone flirts with her she will play along until she is either bored or actually get's interested. There is no real way of knowing if she actually loves the person or not.

- While she is able to eat anything, The only thing that will give her the nutrients to survive are souls. 

- The form she has now is her weakest form and is far from her true form. The more souls she eats, the more powerful she becomes. The reason she is not in her true form is because her original master would limit the number of souls she ate per week. From the average of 47 souls per week to only having 1. This made her power to maintain her true form not enough and she had to get a weaker form in order to survive such a strain. Her original master had been making her eat one soul a week for so long that Lillith has gotten used to it. Even with the strain, her kill count has become well over 3,000.

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