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Post by Dogy9978 on Sun May 01, 2016 4:45 pm

Name: Liela Devionus
Nicknames: Liela or Dev
Age: 19
Species: Fox
Gender: Female

Liela Devionus Liela_devionus_look_by_dogy9978-da1q7fw
Personality traits

~ Technology                   
~ Stars                                   
~ Fast food(ALOT)                         
~ Nighttime
~ People's reactions  

~ Average things
~ Being underestimated
~ Secrets

She's serious and kind. Does not like conflict and avoids doing things that will generate conflict unless on a mission. Very loyal and faithful to those she trusts. Suggestible and tends to second-guess herself. Flexible and open-minded. Can be easily distracted. Not interested in leading or controlling others. She sometimes is private when it comes to certain personal topics and gets a little guarded. She longs for a stabilizing relationship. Can be overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings at times and is prone to quitting. She's also known for being indecisive and quite doubting in important decisions. While she tends to avoid people, she is very good at making friends and will make sure not to get any bad blood with you unless you get in her way. 

There are times that despite her goodness, she won't show mercy. 

Combat traits

~ She's able to phase through objects like a ghost. She can make her whole body completely intangible if she wanted to with no effort. In fact, it requires energy to be tangible for her so most of the time she just stays intangible. People don't notice the difference since she looks exactly the same. Of course, if someone decides to randomly hug her, they would go right through her. This makes trying to hurt her very difficult since your physical attacks would just go through her. The only attacks that could hurt her would be magic or energy blasts. She can temporarily give others intangibility by making them hold her hand. They can only have that ability when touching her since as soon as you let go the power is gone. 

~Can summon beams of pure and dark energy. Liela doesn't have control of which energy is shot. If the people or she have dark thoughts, dark energy is most likely to come out. Dark energy blasts are easier to shoot and are more powerful while pure energy is weak and most likely to stun the person getting hit than hurt them. Her beams of pure energy look like this~
Liela Devionus Her_energy_beam_by_dogy9978-dagi9nm
~ Able to fly but usually levitates a couple feet above the ground. When this happens she changes her appearance slightly.
Like this
Liela Devionus A_ghost__by_dogy9978-da1nv78
Liela Devionus Reeee_by_dogy9978-d9yx7oy
~ Curved holographic blades on top of the gun are used to manually aim the weapon, and provide a highly accurate shot thanks to the accuracy of their magic.
~ Small charge meter on the side of the gun shows how powerful the current bolt of magic is.
~ Holographic wings near the bottom of the gun allow the gun to automatically balance and target an opponent with little effort from the proper wielder.
~ Bottom of the gun is a light-weight Mythril blade: if the gun ever jams due to an opponent's hex, it is still a functional weapon when in short-ranged combat.
~ It was a gift from Voltraire for valentines day. "Usually, girls get flowers or chocolates... I got a gun."

~ Is a master at pickpocketing. She's been doing since she was small and her powers only enhanced how well she does it. "You won't even know it's gone until I'm on the other side of Mobius."

~ Extremely scared of heights and falling down. "I was enjoying the view until I looked down."
~ If tasks are not done quickly, her short temper starts to kick in and often gets mad. Sometimes taking days to calm her down. Sometimes her anger can be triggered if someone talks badly of monsters. She seems to take it personal due to her past. 
~ Has a fear of the unknown. The idea of not knowing what will negatively affect you completely scares Liela. She's always been paranoid that one day, something might take her out and she won't know what it is. 
~ Seems a little too reliant to her powers and weapons. While those things are very useful, she wouldn't be able to last that long in hand to hand combat without them.

Social information

Positive relations
 One of her best friends. Even though she cares for her greatly. Lillith is more of a pet in Liela's eyes, mostly because Lillith will obediently do what Liela says(most of the time). There are even times she calls Lillith "pet" out loud.

Liela Devionus Dg_dvte_000000_by_dogy9978-dawkfes

 Liela's other best friend. She thinks he's the "boss" of the group. Liela will always consider him as a brother but there are times where she feels it's more than friends. Liela is always impressed by his determination to rule and become a king. The only part she doesn't like, is that he wants to achieve that by any means necessary. Well that and the fact that he made a threat to ensure she stays with him.

RP: A Darker Purpose
 Times have changed. What Voltraire has done to Liela is unforgivable. He tried to kill her and turn her into a demon. All so she could stay be his side. Such things should not be forgiven and yet deep down if he had a second chance, Liela would forgive him. He did get his second chance at the cost of his memories. Liela has decided to not be near him and live with Lillith. There's no point in visit someone who doesn't remember you and only give you bad memories.

Negative relations


 When she was 5, Liela was playing around her window and accidentally fell from a 3 story building. This event literally scared her spirit out of her body. It took her spirit a couple of minutes to realize that her body was right in front of her dying and that she was currently a ghost. When her spirit tried to get back inside her body, it didn't completely dissolve away since her body was half died. Since she was only half alive, her spirit took over the other half and her ghostly powers started to emerge. Her parents, thinking that she was possessed( Which was sort of true), tried their best to forcefully take the spirit out of her. When nothing succeeded, they just abandoned her. Not wanting a possessed child. Liela was left to live on her own. She didn't want to starve and die so she had to use her powers to pickpocket money and food from mobians. She would faze through walls and sneak into other people's houses and use the beds to live. Everyone around her area had heard the rumors of her being possessed and kept their distance from her. No one wanted to be her friend so she decided to get away from that area and start over. 

 Though not her intention, she managed to become best friends with villainous people in her new life and doesn't want to lose such close friends. Even when doing evil tasks with her friends, she tries to make sure to do the task in the good-est way possible. She is known to some as a reluctant villain. Not wishing harm on others. In fact, she'd rather be the hero and even told her friends this several times but Voltraire(one of her best friends) has made it obvious that if he ever finds out she's done good, he'll make sure she never does good again "permanently". This threat solidified her staying with the villains. In fact, she tries to stay away from good people unless they are truly in need of her help or somehow help her in whatever mission she's on.

Little random fact

If Liela were to ever unpossess her living body. She will go back to the form she had when she originally died.
Liela Devionus Scared_ref_by_dogy9978-daabqtv
Theme song

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This is a interesting character I must say.
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Thank you.

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