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The Lunar CommonWealth Empty The Lunar CommonWealth

Post by MikeMurdock on Thu Apr 21, 2016 7:36 pm

faction the Lothar is the leader of

Faction Name: Lunar CommonWealth
Leader: Duke Eberhard Lothar
Location: remnants of the Lunar Surface
population: 1,50,000
Government: Democratic Republic with feudal lord representatives
Policies: Lunar citizens first, sovereignty.

Combat traits

Powers/Technology: reversed engineered Alien Technology

-Advanced Technology from alien relics
-Skilled Leaders and soldiers
-Powerful Carriers and warship

-low in numbers (it's quality over quantity and the Eggman Empire and United Federation have more troops than the CommonWealth.)
-Small Fleet in comparison to the Eggman Empire and United Federation
-the most advanced of the reverse engineered technology is given to only to Barons-Counts while Knights and lower have the weapons that can be easily mass produced.

Social information

Positive relations
(will add over the course of the RP)

Negative relations[/u]
(will add over the course of the RP)


A nation in mystery by the rest of the populace living on what remains of the moon after the Eclipse Cannon incident. Rumors fly in on the planet wondering what is happening on the moon. From a faction separated from the empire to possibly invaders from some other world due to there alien like ships.

In the eyes of a citizen of the CommonWealth however, they were on a Harsh road. First with a Self Exodus of there nation into space along with almost being annihilated by the space debris caused by the destruction of half of the moon's surface. The hard times however, gave them the sweet fruits of there labor when they found the Relic. An ancient starship buried deep under the surface only to be released from its rocky prison. The technology on board allowed them to rebuild the nation anew and build up a small, but well trained and armed military. For one day they will have the strength to return to the cradle of civilization to claim territory to help the CommonWealth Flourish.


Duke: Leader of the CommonWealth.only one at any given time.

Viceroi/ Vicereine : Military Advisors to the Duke

Marquis (Marquess)/ Marquise (Marchioness) : Political Leaders of the CommonWealth. Handle diplomacy, laws, and policies for the CommonWealth.

Comte (Count)/Comtesse (Countess): Military leader of one of the 6 Legions of the CommonWealth's Lunar Knights.

Vicomte-Marshal/ Vicomtesse-Marshal: 2nd in command of the Legion. Acts also as a Advisor to the Comte/Contesse.

Vicomte (Viscount)/ Vicomtesse (Viscountess): sub commanders of the Lunar Knights. 6 per legion.

Baron-Commandant/Baronne-Commandant: Galaxy (Battalion) commanders


Baron/Baronne(Baroness): Star (Platoon) Commanders

Chevalier-Sergent (Sergeant): High Ranking Non Commissioned officer of the Lunar Chevaliers. This rank also allows them to be Drill Sergeants for Squires and Squad Leaders.

Chevalier-Caporal (Corporal): Low Ranking Non Commissioned officer of the Lunar Chevaliers.

Chevalier: Soldiers of the Lunar Chevaliers.

Squires: Cadets in the Lunar Chevaliers.


Will add later
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