Ira Wright

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Ira Wright

Post by Dione on Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:52 pm

Name:  Ira Wright
Nicknames: -
Age: 16
Species: Lion/tiger hybrid (liger)
Height: 6’3 (1 m 91 cm)
Gender: Male
Current residence: Castle Town
Birthday: December 23rd

Ira is a large built liger, he’s really muscular. His face has sharp lines and he has crystal white teeth. His bodycolour is a deep dark red. The inside of his hands and the bottom of his feet are black. His eyes are the brightest green you’ll ever see. He has a strong body. His legs are long and agile and he can run pretty fast. His tail has a fluffy black tip. He has big sharp claws on both his hands and feet. Because he’s still an adolescent, he doesn’t have manes. These will come when he reached adulthood. His face has the stripes of a tiger, they fade out as they reach his neck, to make place for the deep plain red again. His belly is a slightly lighter shade of red and the marks on his face are like the insides of his hands and feet black. He usually wears a black top, leather jacket, black jeans with rips in it, black armyboots and gloves with spikes.


Credits go to MultiLefaiye
Personality traits

-       Gaming
-       Cuddling
-       Darkness
-       Warmth
-       Big crowds
-       Bright lights
-       Rain

Ira has a really dark sence of humor. He laughs at the meanest jokes and gives off a very mean impression by this. This makes it hard for him to make friends and to keep them. Only the ones who can really poke through this sense of humor can see he isn’t as mean as a lot of people think he is.
Despite his usual (somewhat grumpy) appearance, Ira is an upbeat person. He likes to make the best out of the situation with the utilities available for him. His friends don’t just like him, they like him for a reason, be it something he helped them with or anything else. He is good with people and he is a good speaker in public. He knows what to say to people to convince them of certain things. He has good arguments and knows how to use them. 
Ira is a hard worker. When he sets his mind on something, he needs to get it done. He’ll work hard to achieve his goals and to make them work out well.
He is kind of a sadist. He often likes to get into fights and he loves it when he wins. He doesn’t want to hurt his opponent too much though, that just goes too far.

Ira well... He has quite a temper. He is easily frustrated and gets angry pretty easy. When he's angered, he has to release it somehow, sometimes it's in a battle, sometimes it's by kicking a tree. As long as he gets the angryness out. 
Combat traits
-       Blood bending. This is his one and only power. He focusses his mind on his target. This gives him a vision of their bloodstream. As he concentrated his eyes turn pitchblack. When they’re entirely black, he can control his target’s bloodstream, making them do anything he wants. Though, he isn't able to take control of the entire body. He can only control a few limbs (a leg and an arm, both legs, both arms for example). It is incredibly difficult to escape from this but it is possible with enough willpower and once broken free, Ira can't take back control over his target for the rest of the fight, leaving him to his physical strength and combat skills. (

[b]There is also a catch to his powers. As mentioned before, his eyes turn completely black. This transformation is slowly taking its toll on his eyesight. It makes the bloodstream 'visible', but it darkens his surroundings. This makes it harder to navigate. He also has to recover from it for a small amount of time (say 45 seconds to one and a half minutes), makind him more vulnerable. 
-       Ira is a stealthy kind of fighter. He hides and tries to get in control of his target’s bloodstream. Once he is in control, he comes out and well, fights his battle.
-       1x1 combat. Ira is tall and strong, this gives him an advantage in 1x1 combat.
-       Ira is good at speaking in public. He has a convincing voice and usually good arguments.
-       Ira’s stamina is pretty low. This makes long battles harder.
-       When Ira is focussing on his target to get ready for controling their body, he gains accuracy concerning that one person but he loses accuracy concerning the other opponents if it's a battle with multiple opponents.
-       Short temper. Ira is easily angered and he has trouble keeping himself calm.
Social information
Positive relations
-       None so far
Neutral relations
-       None so far
Negative relations
-       None so far

Ira is an only child, born and raised in Castle Town. His father is a tall and strong lion, his mother a kindhearted tiger. He inherited his blood bendingskills from his mother. She comes from an ancient bloodline of bloodbenders.
When Ira was two years old, his parents were almost forced to sell their house due to financial issues. They could barely pay the debts but made it. The reason for this money shortage was that his father lost his job at the local contruction company. He was head of the construction workers but his boss thought he wasn't efficient enough. 
Fast forwards to when Ira was five. This was when he first went to school. He had trouble fitting in but managed to make friends after a few months. Unfortunatly these friendships didn't last and Ira had to go to a different school because of the regularly occuring fights he got in when he was about ten years old. 
This school was a school that focussed on the physical development of a child, meaning: they trained and spent more time in PE with the kids so their stamina grew and the children would take tests to see if they had any special gifts or abilities. Quite a few kids in Ira's class had the ability to control one or more of the elements. The tests didn't show any results on Ira however and the teachers and his parents thought that he hadn't had inherited his mother's gene for bending.
This seemed to be incorrect after two years, when Ira was twelve years old. He once got really upset during class and started focussing really hard on the teacher's movements and gestures. Suddenly, the teacher couldn't move and after a minute Ira realised it was him controlling the teacher. At that point he made the teacher do crazy things like pretending to be flying and scratching his head like a monkey gone feral. When he got tired of the focussing he let go of the control and let the teacher, whom had already figured out what was going on, return to normal. Ira was sent to the principal who in their turn called his parents. He got sent home and when he got there his parents were incredibly excited that he had inherited the gene after all. 
After Ira finished the schoolyear he immediatly got homeschooled by his parents, or well, his mother. She taught him the tricks of bloodbending and the usual schoolstuff. 

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Re: Ira Wright

Post by Dione on Sat Apr 01, 2017 11:22 am


I just had to put this here, it gives a tiny bit of extra information on Ira's species and it has a very adorable picture of a cub with its mum, so yeah ^-^"

A huge thanks to Uncanny-Illustrator for the adorable avatar~

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Re: Ira Wright

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