Ricker's Top 10 WORST Episodes of Sonic X

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Ricker's Top 10 WORST Episodes of Sonic X Empty Ricker's Top 10 WORST Episodes of Sonic X

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 12, 2016 2:48 pm

Yes I know that I already stated my opinion on the show as a whole, but that doesn’t mean the whole show is terrible, but I’m going to further support my opinion by talking about some of the worst episodes in the whole show, if you like these episodes, good for you!  It’s nice that you can enjoy them when I just can’t see the bright side to them, I won’t be including episodes that involve plots from the games, this is because the show is wonderful when it comes to originality, it really is! But believe me when I say that these are the top 10 WORST episodes of Sonic X, now, on to the countdown!:

10. #62, “An Underground Odyssey”

I really liked this episode as a kid, it had this kind of intense atmosphere to it that most episodes didn’t have at the time, but sadly, the atmosphere alone can’t make something great. Having said that, this episode told us that the Metarex were duplicating Chaos Emeralds, but in future episodes, this didn’t really have any relevance, at least it didn’t to me.  I mean really?  If you’re going to say that the enemy is cloning the most powerful source of energy in the Sonic universe, can’t you at least, I don’t know, have that impact the story?  As far as I can tell they just threw that in there for filler!  I can’t remember if the factory was destroyed or not and if it was then this argument is invalid. But if it wasn’t, then why, just WHY? If you want to watch this one and prove me wrong than go ahead and do so, I’m WAY out of my demographic as it is anyway.

9. #10, “Unfair Ball”

“I know what’ll get the fans hyped! Let’s make an entire episode about Baseball!”  This episode is so...dull...I mean yes it has it’s creative moments in there but why would any Sonic fan want to watch Sonic and Eggman go head to head in a Baseball match?  I don’t know whether this episode was intended to bring in the young sports fans or not but, it’s just plain boring!  It all builds up to a robot battle in the end but the entire baseball sequence is the most plain and time wasting thing I’ve ever seen put into a show. If you can manage not to fall asleep, this episode really shows how chaotic things can get, but for me, this was incredibly pointless.  

8. #2, “Sonic to the Rescue”

This is only the second episode in the entire series, how can it be bad? How about the fact that it shows how cruel G.U.N is?  They kidnap Cream and Cheese so they can “experiment” on them both, meaning they stole a 6 year old child and her best friend and stuck them in a tube.  Oh my god!  This took a dark turn!  And is Sonic wearing a Dragon Ball Scouter? HOOO BOY, this is going to be a long ride isn’t it?  I can’t put this any lower on the list because as dark as the premise is, the episode is really action packed and well thought out, don’t get me wrong if I saw something that was “alien-esque” for the first time I would do the same thing.  The ending is a bit, blech, but overall it’s okay, even if it’s plot is pretty twisted, at least they didn’t electrocute them or anything.

7. #19, “Sonic’s Scream Test”

First of all, this episode might have haunted kids dreams, what were the writers thinking?  This episode is disturbing, not the “Invader ZIM” kind of disturbing but you get it, the plot is that Chris’s mom, I think, was filming a movie at a fake haunted house, except, it’s not fake, it’s really haunted by spoopy spirits.  And then there’s THIS part, Sonic is trying to tell Amy what to do with the hourglass-thingy but the main ghost speaks over him and tells Amy what not to do. Okay, hold on, you mean to tell me that Amy is SO stupid, that if there’s someone else talking but Sonic’s lips are moving she’ll think it’s Sonic talking? THE GHOST’S VOICE SOUNDS NOTHING LIKE SONIC AMY, YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THIS I KNOW YOU ARE!!! *deep breath* As I was saying this episode proves just how lovestruck Amy is, apparently Chris was also fooled by the voice, OH COME ON! CHRIS FREAKIN THORNDYKE WAS FOOLED BY THIS?!  I’m almost positive that the writers did this intentionally to show how brain-dead these people are. If you can get past the cringe worthy ghost voice than watch this episode, but by all means, DON’T watch it at night.

6. #42, “A Date to Forget”

I...have NO idea how to explain this one, I really don’t.  The plot is that Sonic had 2 things planned at the same time; A race with Chris’s uncle and a date with Amy.  I would like to point out how much of a jerk Sonic is in this episode, I know the easy argument is “He forgot”, but if he really loved Amy like all the SonAmy fans think he does, then why did the episode end the way it did? I won’t spoil it but watch the ending to this and you’ll see what I mean, because wow...just...WOW...Sonic I had no idea you were so heartless! Oh wait, actually I did, ever since I saw Sonic Boom the TV show I’ve known you didn’t give a dang.

5. #24, “How to Catch a Hedgehog”

This episode, THIS EPISODE!  This manages to make “Unfair Ball” more tolerable, the premise is that Sonic got a microchip stuck in his head from destroying a robot and now he can’t stop running, the episode goes on to rip off Roadrunner and...yeah that’s actually it.  Oh right, I forgot to mention that the microchip came out of his head the same way it came in: By destroying the same robot the same way in the same place for the same purpose.  And the episode ends with SonAmy, why am I not surprised at this point?

4. #20, “Cruise Blues”

Ever wonder what would happen if Sonic and co. went on the Titanic, well this episode is pretty much does it for you!  I cannot believe a kids show would parody the Titanic, THE ACTUAL STORY OF THE TITANIC!  The plot here is that Sonic is scared of water so he wants off the boat, in order to do so he manipulates Tails into thinking the Tornado has a heart and he also, and this is the climax, FLIRTS WITH AMY IN ORDER TO GET HER TO GO BERSERK!  If this episode doesn’t prove Sonic’s a jackwagon I don’t know which one will!  In one scene Amy gives Sonic a pep talk, once this ends he walks about 2 yards away from Amy and...gets on his knees then lies on the floor in a position that I can only describe as ‘a baby sucking his thumb’...WHAT?  What just happened? And no Amy it definitely WASN’T you this time.

3. #17, “The Adventures of Knuckles & Hawk”

What is the point of this episode? No really what’s the point of it?  If it’s to understand Knuckles’ character a bit more than you failed miserably.  This episode is completely pointless!  No really, it has nothing to do with the rest of the show, is it a story arc or something? I don’t know, I would like to say that Rouge does spy on them throughout the episode until she is...karate-chopped in the back of the head(?) by some random stranger, oh no! What’s he going to do next? Nothing...he’s not going to do...anything...what was the point in including this scene if it doesn’t have any relevance to the rest of the episode, filler?  Don’t bother watching this, it’s a waste of time and brain-cells.

2. #65, “Mission: Match-Up”

If you didn’t know about Tails X Cosmo than you’ll DEFINITELY know about it after watching this episode, the Chaotix come along and try to get Tails and Cosmo to...be a couple...their methods are both stupid and cringe worthy beyond belief, I was so close to going back to playing Sonic Character Designer because of how...UGH the entire thing was.  Unlike other episodes, THE ENTIRE PLOT IS ABOUT A FAN SHIPPING!!! I mean, yes there were SonAmy moments, but they weren’t they premise of the whole 20 or so minute run-time!  Bottom line, the Chaotix fail, and Cosmo is still completely oblivious to Tails’ heart, even though the last scene was Tails flailing his arms in panic and screaming in horror as he cut himself off from saying, “You’re so beautiful.” From a writing standpoint this is probably the best decision, but how much you wanna bet there were so many shippers who ranted about this ONE scene?  Watch it if you want to cringe uncontrollably at the…”plans”...the Chaotix come up with.

I really thought #65 was the worst, I REALLY did, but somehow, the show managed to center around 2 ships at once in one episode, if you don’t know what I’m talking about then...well...you are in for a surprise...and the #1 WORST episode of Sonic X is...

1. #52, “A New Start”

This episode is what spawned a thousand shippers, what is a shipper?  Don’t ask that you know, the plot is that Eggman comes by and Bokkun says something that aggravates Amy, leading to an impressive display of power by Amy and her Piko hammer, but the episode cuts to Knuckles and Rouge to Amy multiple times, this is probably the most aggravating of the episodes to watch, I feel like the only way to like it is if I’m attached to the characters, except I’m not, making this episode surprisingly painful.  And yes, there is SonAmy, and when I say that I mean the developers devote THE ENTIRE SECOND HALF OF THE EPISODE TO SONAMY!!!  While this scene is tear jerking in retrospect, WHY!?! Why would you take up the entire second half of an episode to a shipping when you already do that?  Remember when the show didn’t focus on Sonic and Amy for too long in an episode? WELP, NOT TODAY!!!  The scene is...beautiful...I will admit, but it just bothers me that a company would spend the rest of the episode to a 12 year old pink hedgehog and a 16-18 year old hedgehog and their relationship, the saddest part is, this has no impact on season 3!  I felt like it should have but it really doesn’t.  As for Rouge and Knuckles...I don’t want to talk about it...it’s...actually pretty...odd...watch this episode if you DARE.

This opinion of mine may get me banned from the site eventually but until that happens, I really don’t know what else to do besides work on a story that...what I pray to god...doesn’t focus on the ships themselves.  Did I miss one? If I did than leave a reply, thanks for reading!   Smile


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Ricker's Top 10 WORST Episodes of Sonic X Empty Re: Ricker's Top 10 WORST Episodes of Sonic X

Post by Soundbarriorbreaker on Sun Mar 13, 2016 6:19 pm

I'm surprised that you didn't sin the part of #7 where chris puts the hourglass on the wrong side. That was really stupid. Not to mention the fact he could have flipped it over.

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Ricker's Top 10 WORST Episodes of Sonic X Empty Re: Ricker's Top 10 WORST Episodes of Sonic X

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 13, 2016 7:54 pm

I haven't seen the show in about...4 years maybe? So that's why I overlooked that, but if Chris really did do that then...you see what I mean?!


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Ricker's Top 10 WORST Episodes of Sonic X Empty Re: Ricker's Top 10 WORST Episodes of Sonic X

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