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Post by Spekkal on Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:36 pm

I'm surprised we don't have a thread for like... general stories.
Though I'm going to specify this now before someone annoys me. If you have any stories to share, have them be, uh, realistic? I know I won't be able to know but I mean, we have a fanfiction section for made-up stuff. And, more importantly, don't embarrass anyone else or shame someone? Don't be a dick? Thanks??

ok so I'm a huge sucker for the stories people have, embarrassing or whatever.
And lots of people go through lots of experiences which are memorable. And I'm a nosy nosy person. So show me whatcha got. Gimme some tales.


And I guess I'll start this thread off with the time I stalked two people.

Okay so first day of college. I'd already been to the location before, but that was with dearest mummy, and this was by myself. An- okay I will specify first that I was 18 at the time so it's not like I was a baby. And yeah, this time I was to make my own way there by myself. Which I wasn't that nervous about, but I was worried about messing it up.

So I get on the bus, and I see two guys get on mid-way. Kinda my age, and more importantly, they have the same college ID badges as me. Score. So you can understand my thinking - that I'm on the right track since they're on the same bus and all that. Now as much as I wanted to approach them and talk to them about college and what course they were on, I didn't actually do that because I am awkward and bad with talking to strangers so openly on a bus. So I sat there. Casting glances at them occasionally. With my badge on display on the off-chance they'd start it first.

Only. Uh. They got off the stop before college. Which caught me by surprise.

Now I knew the standard way to college, so I thought it could be a shortcut. But I was torn - do I get off now and talk to them about college and the best route there, or continue on with the standard way I know?

So in this moment of hesitance, I decided 'screw it' and went to leave the bus.
But as I rushed forward to get off, the doors were mid-way closing. So I got partially trapped in the doors of a bus. I stumbled. Many people saw that.
Bus drama aside, the two were getting away! Cutting a corner, I noticed them!
and uh
I never approached them.
I just walked behind them. The entire time. In silence.
These two poor guys were entirely unaware as I stalked them through the city streets for at least 15 minutes.

So there's me, being lost in a huge city, trying to find her way to her new college course because she thought stalking two guys would be a good idea. All because I thought I could learn a shortcut. When I barely even knew the main and correct route.
But eventually, after asking about, I found my college. And even got there 10 minutes early!


So anyone else have any general amusing stories about themselves they want to share? c:

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Post by Whip~ on Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:46 pm

You did a good with trying to interact BUT RIP THE WRONG SCHOOL BUILDING.
I am so sorry for you. c:


However~! I do have a bit of a lovely plane story! Short, but one that I tell all the time. XD
So I was on a flight... I believe from Puerto Rico to Florida (US commonwealth/state for those uninitiated), and mind you, I'm horrified of planes. I'll take land travel whenever I get the chance.

So the plane started falling. c:

Like, drinks floating in mid-air, breathing masks dropped, the whole big deal. owo
And after like, ten seconds(and after all my oreos SPILLED ON MY LAP), the plane stabilizes and everyone is pretty much crying.
Well, I was laughing, but if I laugh in a bad situation, assume I'm crying to God on the inside. c: ;;;
But yes, so after everything chilled out for a bit, everyone is freaking out, and then a nice Stewardess enters in.
Asking for a Doctor.

But no worries. Ten minutes later the pilot came on telling us not to worry, because his hand fricken slipped.
He slipped his hand and dropped us several tens of meters in the air.
And the doctor was for some lady who was having a panic attack in the front. 

And the best part is, after that accident, we actually ended up being 15 minutes earlier than scheduled when we landed.

Guys. Planes are fun. c: ;;;
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Post by Knuxtiger4 on Fri Mar 04, 2016 9:54 pm

I really like to nap when I can and do it often when I've feeling cold, tired or very bleh.

One afternoon I decided to nap.  Come and hour later when I start to wake up that I felt an odd weight on my ribs.  Once I was more awake I discovered the culprit.

Story Time! 10167931_10205417288024918_1667043915932711233_n

That would be our small cat Luna who is napping away perfectly on me.  Luna was in the room when I fell asleep but didn't expect her to move to the bed to sleep on me since she was asleep.  I was texting everyone to cry about the fact she was on me and each time I tired to move her, she would move with me to avoid getting off.  This lasted 5 minutes before I won.

Safe to say I always risk animals sleeping on me when I nap.

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