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Post by Dione on Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:23 pm

Name: Dione Celena Captor
Nicknames: Dio(n)
Age: 17
Species: Wolf
Height: 5’7 (1 m 70 cm)
Gender: Female
Current residence: Apartment in Station Square
Occupation: None
Birthday: July 30th
Dione is a green wolf. Her ears are the same shade as her head with black tips.She has a big tuff of purple coloured hair. Her hair only covers the left side of her head, including half her face because it’s in front of her eye too. She has bright blue eyes and when in the correct light it looks like it’s three different colours of blue flowing into each other. She’s a slim wolf with a really light beige belly. She usually wears dark blue coloured jeans and a blue hoodie. Her shoes are easy shoes, kind of sneaker-like. In her ear she has a small piercing, shaped as a sphere. She got that one when she turned 16. Her tail is big and fluffy and has a tip the same colour as her belly and muzzle. She has sharp claws on her hands and very sharp teeth. Always standing up straight to make herself look taller.

Artist: Sikopio (lines) and me (colouring and shading)
Personality traits

  • Art. And especially music. She can’t play an instrument but the chance of finding her singing or with headphones on is really big.

  • Food/sleep.
  • Friends and family. Dione can’t live without them, if they’re not around, she’s easily bored and gets distracted quickly.
  • Heights. Since she moved into a high appartmentbuilding when she was only 11 years old, she got used to heights. When she was 14 she first went up the roof. Since then she loved going to high places.


  • Injustice. She just can’t stand it. Everytime she witnesses it she wants to help to fix it. 
  • Cold. Everytime she’s cold she wants to snuggle up in a blanket and drink hot chocolate. Unfortunatly this isn’t a possibility 9/10 times because she’s somewhere else doing stuff. 
  • Bugs. Everytime she sees a cockroach, spider or any kind of tiny crawling creature she wants to get away from it as fast as possible.
  • Pushy people. She needs people to be patient with her. If someone tries to force her to do something she immediatly decides not to do the requested thing.

Dione is an introvert creature, she’s a good listener and very calm. When she’s around friends she kind of transforms into this more quirky and outgoing figure, yet, she will stay calm. When she sees a friend getting hurt by someone else, she loses it and her she transforms from laid back and calm, to incredibly defensive and ready to fight, in a splitsecond. If she’s in this state of mind it’s hard for her to control herself and not lose herself in her anger, frustration and fear. She gets dangerous in those situations. She’s a wolf with sharp claws and teeth and when nessecary not afraid to use them to defend her friends and loved ones.
Whenever she sees her friends around other people she gets jealous. For her it’s hard to accept that her friends have other people they hang out with too. She won’t show her jealousy to the rest of the world. Instead she’ll make up stories about how those people will steal her friends away and how she’ll end up being alone.
Eventhough she is introverted and not very talkative, she won’t be manipulated in doing something she doesn’t want to do. She does whatever she wants to do, as long as it feels as it’s the right thing to do. She dresses the way she wants, regardless of what others think or say. She behaves in her own ways.
Dione always takes her music with her. She usually wears earbuds when in public, blasting her music. This makes it kinda hard to make contact with her. It’s a kind of shield for her to protect her from the rest of the world. She gets lost in the melodies. Whenenver her Mp3 player or phone runs out of power she gets pretty nervous because this means her music is gone. She also sings a lot. Also in public. That’s why she’s getting weird looks pretty often. She doesn’t really care though.
Combat traits

  • When angry or frustrated, Dione can channel her energy to focus on either stamina, defense or attack. It works like a kind of natural reflex, the only difference is that she can trigger it on command and control it. This way she has the ability to adapt herself to the situation she’s in, which increases her chances of winning. After channeling her energy she’ll get a huge boost but after about 20/30 minutes she’ll start to feel more and more tired and eventually, if the fight goes on for too long she can't keep up the channeling anymore and it drops, meaning it doesn't give her that advantage anymore and that she'll have to do it all by her own skills.
  • Dione is learning to create energy fields from her channels, to cover multiple people. This way, when she's in a battle with multiple opponents and people who she fights alongside with, she can help them and give them an advantage in combat.
  • When in real danger (life-threatening situations), a ‘switch will be flipped’ in Dione’s head. It more or less works like feral instinct. It's a primitive reflex which has developped itself into this power. This gives her incredible reflexes and the ability to think quickly. It makes her mind focus on her own survival only and it drives out any other emotions, including her loyalty towards friends and family.


  • Very trustworthy, she’s really good at keeping secrets. You can tell anything to her and she’ll keep it to herself.
  • Cannot be manipulated into doing things against her own will (unless other powers, such as mindcontrol, are involved). She’ll never do anything she thinks is bad to do.
  • Her friends give her strenght and the will to go on. She gets energy and things to live from them. The so called Good Vibes.


  • Shy. Dione never goes out to talk to other people. She usually stays in and minds her own buisness, unless she’s going somewhere with a friend or when it’s a nessecary thing. 
  • After channeling her energy she gets exhausted pretty quickly. If she hasn’t won after 15 minutes, the powers will take over and drain her totally untill she collapses of exhaustion.

Social information
Positive relations

  • Felicia Sule. A red cat with wild hair and an outgoing personality. Dione and her have been friends since the age of 4

Negative relations

  • Emes Fade. Emes Is the former bully of Felicia. Dione always stood up for her and got in trouble that way.

Dione was born in a little town in the countryside called Castle Town. This is where she was raised. When she was 3, her little brother was born. When she first went to school, she met Felicia Sule. Felicia is her best friend and has been since they were 4 years old. They used to go out adventuring in the woods, close to their town. When they were 7, Emes Fade joined their class. At first he seemed a nice guy and they became friends quite fast. After half a year, Emes changed. He began to bully Felicia more and more, but he tried to stay friends with Dione. This didn’t work out as Dione and Felicia have been best friends since they met. Dione always stood up for Felicia, which caused her trouble. Emes turned against both girls and tried to get to both of them. This didn’t work as planned with Dione, because she doesn’t really mind what other people say. Dione often got detention because Emes alsways knew a way to turn things around and make it seem like Dione had done it. Felicia often stayed with Dione after school to accompany her through detention. Dione moved to Station Square when she was 11, because her parents were offered a well-payed job. She visits her old town every two months and then stays at Felicia’s everytime she’s there. She usually stays for a weekend, or when it’s a vacation, she usually stays the entire vacation. She can’t go there too often because it’s a long trip. When Dione and her family moved to Station Square, they moved into a large apartment building, 34 floors high. They live on the 13th floor. When Dione was 14, she finally had the guts to go up the roof. There’s where she found out how beautiful the city is when you see it from up high. She also discovered that from their roof, she has a very good view of the park. She often goes there, doing nothing but staring at everything in the distance, the park, the buildings and listening to music.

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