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Post by kingleon on Sat Feb 27, 2016 2:20 am

In eastern hybrid city. Shocker grabbed  his luggage. He grabbed  some food  and drinks from his kitchen.  A few cans of soda. Some chicken,mashed potatoes, rice and collard greens. Today was the day that he set out. To destroy his evil side. To remove  it from him. Back when shocker was 16 he thought  it didnt matter.  Because his evil side didn't get out  much. But after attacking  hybrid city. Shocker decided that he was gonna seal his evil side away for good.  Shocker  ran down the street at full speed. Ready to continue his quest. "I may have  no idea where to go. But i will find out how to remove evil shocker" Shocker  said as he continued to run. He knocked many people onto the ground. "Watch were your going FOOL" A wolf  said. "SHUTUP" Shocker  yelled as he ran. "Just who Do you  think  you  are" the wolf said. He tried to run after shocker  but he wasnt fast enough. "Don't  think i wont get you" the wolf yelled in anger.  he had an enraged frown.  That exposed his sharp  teeth. Shocker ran block after block. Even if he didn't  know where to go he kept pushing  on.
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