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Post by Ash-Black on Tue Feb 23, 2016 1:30 am

Ashley Briar Cole, a bat-eared vixen. She was without a doubt, a rather good looking young woman. Cute, if anything. Slightly shorter than your average Mobian, and rather slender in figure. She wore an oversized burgundy sweater, paired with skinny fit jeans that were a faded black - clearly they had been worn a lot.

This vixen was having the day to herself, sitting in a coffee shop that was filling up with strangers by the dozen, soon there wouldn't be many seats left. She was sat herself by a window. In front of her sat a receipt for a beverage she had ordered, and a camera. It was a rare sight to see her without her little memory capturing device, a snap here, a snap there. It was a consistent hobby of hers.

Ash, as she liked to be called, sat with her silver eyes staring out the window as she slipped into a daydream, tail swaying rhythmically. I wonder if anyone would stop by today?

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