Return of mecha shocker

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Return of mecha shocker

Post by kingleon on Fri Jan 22, 2016 10:15 pm

Link to the original rp

It had been 3 years sience the destruction  of mecha shocker. After mecha shocker and mecha screech 2 mechas made to destroy shlcker and his brother  screech fused. Shocker and jetfly  the hedgehog fused to defeat them. Metallic  the hedgehog  also helped. It was a long  and hard battle but mecha shocker didnt make it back, Until now.

It was a avrage day in downtown    hybrid  city's residential  district. High rise apartment buildings filled the streets. While there were many cars. And people walking on the sidewalk. Shocker the hedgehog had come out of a apartment biulding  called hybrid rise. He inhailed the crisp morning air. He scratched his yellow spines with blue stripes. He was wearing  a black hoodie. He was about to head to work. He worked at a fast food chain called, Hybrid burger. Hybrid burgers mostly were in hybrid city. Just as he got ready to fly off he saw a strange sight. It was mecha shocker! "Mecha shocker how are you still alive. Me and jetfly destroyed you". Shocker said to the mecha. The mecha fired multiple enegy balls at the apartment biuldings, Shocker  started to get angry. Shocker threw off his hoodie. 

Shocker  flew up into the  sky delivering a punch to mecha shockers chin, it barley did any damage"Thanks to my new upgrade i can destroy  you esily"mecha shocker said. Mecha shocker then slammed shocker into the ground. "Do you really think thtas gonna defeat me" shocker said. He grabbed mecha shockers leg and threw him into the sky.
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