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Post by Quto on Sat Jan 16, 2016 1:40 am

For a while, before I joined on with the forum, I have been developing a cartoon series using 8-bit to 32-bit video game sprites(Custom, nothing copied or stolen of course), a weird animation I've dubbed Life In Bits.

The cartoon center's around two characters, a fox and a slime named Kyd and Foetem, living in a massive digital world, tackling life problems based on the world they live in. The problems the pair face aren't really 'normal'; busting viral apparitions that plague their world, taking on various temp jobs to earn a pay-check in order to eat, pay bills and keep a life-insurance policy that will ensure their life for that when they die, they'll be immediately reborn into the world and other various odd and ends.

I have been able to amass a large group of people who have been dying to voice act in something, even if it wasn't anime, though I'm lacking artists and a writer, both departments I'm trying to pick up on and if anyone has seen my character Bio for Sparth, you'll know my writing sucks. I have a rough draft for a pilot I'm putting together though I'm not really sure if it's either funny or up to snuff.

I'll post the draft in the spoiler and will appreciate any feedback both positive, negative or constructive.

Rough Draft:

**Warp In**
[[Metroid-Like Game Arena]]

Foetem: So…. What are we doing here now?

Kyd: Sammy spotted a virus fixing games in the Arena. She called the temp agency, they in turn sent us; mostly because I'm broke and you ate the last of our food…. (Need new reason to bring Foetem Along)

Kyd: Equip Blaster

**A Laser gun materializes out of thin air.**

Foetem: What does the virus look like?

Kyd: Competitors have reported it taking on the form of the equipment pads. So it might be a little trick-

Foetem: Hey, a Missile Launcher.


**Gun Fire**

Foetem: You shot a whole through the Missile Launcher!

Kyd: It could have been the virus!… Besides, these weapons re-spawn once grabbed.

**Grabs Missile Launcher**
*A new Missile Launcher re-spawns with a hole in it*

Foetem: Is that suppose to happen?

Kyd: No, it shouldn't…



**Kyd drops the blaster, it breaks apart into data, then into thin air**

Kyd: Equip, Sword!

**A sword is pulled out of thin air**

Kyd: Get back here you mess of code!

**The virus dodges as Kyd accidentally cuts a grenade, a shot-gun and an armor set**

**The Virus runs into a large room**

Kyd: SCRAP! It's dodging everything!

SYSTEM: Alert! Alert! Virus detected, proceeding with Quarantine Measures!

**Doors shut left and right, closing off the entire room.**

Foetem: What happened?!

Kyd: The Quarantine kicked in; most Arenas come equipped with these to trap viruses until they're dealt with…. I guess the virus kept avoiding this room.

Foetem: How do we find it then? If it's trapped in here with us, it can't run anymore…

Kyd: I need to borrow one of your eyes.
**Removes one of the Slime Eyes from Foetem, throws it to the ceiling. It sticks**
Kyd: Do you see him?

Foetem: The room is suppose to be symmetrical, right?

Kyd: It's suppose to be to give the competitors an even advantage in weapons and cover.

Foetem: There's an extra weapon pad on the platform above the east exit.

Kyd: Can you ensare him in your body? I don't want to risk destroying another power-up… again.

Foetem: Only if you get my eye back.

**Foetem Slithers off, Captures the Virus. It squirms in Foetem's Body, unable to escape.**

**Kyd “Super Jumps” to the ceiling and retrieves Foetems Eye.**

Foetem: Got him!


Kyd: Foetem, if you would be so kind to expose the head buddy?

**Foetem reveals the head of the virus**

**Kyd Stabs it as it breaks down into data. It leaves behind a black block, floating in Foetems body**

Virus: MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo-

Kyd: Alright, lets make our way to the exit and get paid.

[[Control Room]]
Sammy: So, did you boys take care of the problem?

**Kyd recovers the black block from Foetems body**

Kyd: We did, though we may have caused some damage to one or two of the weapons acquiring this thing.

Sammy: ….Wait, what? How?!

Kyd: I don't know, I shot the missile launcher by accident, thinking it was the virus, but it just made a hole in the weapon! I pulled it out to re-spawn it, but the same launcher with the hole spawned in its place!… I thought the weapons self repair!

Sammy: On a daily basis, yes. The weapons system resets and self-repairs the weapons at night.

Kyd: Oh….. Then are there any more matches today in that arena?

Sammy: There was one that was suppose to take place 5 minutes after you boys dealt with the virus….

**Chaos Reigns from behind the boys**

Contender #1: Hey! The Missile Launcher fires 3 missiles at once! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


Contender #2: GRENADE SPLIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!


Kyd: I guess they didn't notice the weapons we're damaged….

Foetem:…. No harm done right?

Sammy: I suppose not. I'll tag this job as a success and close the arena for the day when this match finishes. You boys are free.

Kyd: Thanks!

[[Minus City – Streets]]

Foetem: That was a little hectic. We lucked out at the end though.

Kyd: Yep.

Foetem: So, want to take another virus job tomorrow?

Kyd: I don't think that's a good idea.

Foetem: We could go find a temp job to fight in the arena for a while.

Kyd: Our Life Insurance policy doesn't re-spawn us with a full inventory during arena fights. We would have to go back to our bodies to get our things.

Foetem: Well, we could look up a temp job with the police as boun-

Kyd: No.

**Foetem continues on with Dialog based of fighting viruses as the conversation trails off**

I'm working on the story board to put in place with this script. I'll post it when it's finished, providing this topic doesn't get shot down and left to burn. XD

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