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Post by Guest on Wed Jan 13, 2016 2:38 am

(DISCLAIMER: This review assumes that you have played MGS1 on the PS1 and MGS2 on PS2 and know it's plot already!! THIS REVIEW IS ONLY ABOUT MY OPINIONS ON TWIN SNAKES COMPARED TO THE ORIGINAL!!) 

 I have only really gotten into Metal Gear about half of a year ago, and I have already beaten every major Metal Gear title besides MGS4, (Mostly because it's the only one I don't own yet, because reasons!). As for MGS5, it's probably the worst one in my opinion. (This doesn't make it a BAD GAME. I like to think that if this is the worst when it's still so good, then every other game is amazing.) It's currently my obsession, like Castlevania was the previous year. The most recent game that I have played and beaten in this great series had been the most controversial game in the series, until Ground Zeroes came out. 

This game is none other than the Remake of the PS1 Classic for the Indigo Lunch Box, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. It's essentially MGS1 with MGS2 Graphics and Moves. You can now hang on rails, shoot in 1st Person, Dodge Roll, and WALK! YES YOU CAN FINALLY WALK! and I'm gonna say this now... Twin Snakes is much better than the original, despite what the whiny PS1 Fanboys say about this worthy entry in the Metal Gear Solid Series. However, I still have some major complaints...

Controls: MGS Classic has the classic controls we're all used to, but with Twin Snakes being a Gamecube exclusive, you must get used to these new controls. They are fantastic once you get used to them, but you'll have to get used to them first. The only big issue I have with Twin Snakes' controls is when they try to fix the fact that the Gamecube's face buttons aren't pressure sensitive like the PS2's. In Sons of Liberty, shooting was done with the Square Button. To put away your gun without shooting you had to let go of the button slowly, making use of the PS2's Pressure sensitive Face buttons. In Twin Snakes you shoot with the A Button, but to put the gun away without shooting, you must Slide your finger up to Y, while still holding A, press down Y, then let go of A FIRST, then let go of Y! It's not that bad, but it's the best that they could've done without pressure sensitive buttons. 

Graphics: It's the same as MGS2: Sons of Liberty. Although Some Characters, such as Otacon, really rubbed me the wrong way with their designs in Twin Snakes. Also, why in Codec Calls are we still using the same portraits as in MGS1? We have the power to use 3D Models during Codec calls now, use them! It's just jarring to see the game look so updated and nice, but then have the same Codec Portraits. 

Sound: Sound Effects are clear and crisp. The Voice Acting, in terms of sound quality is better... But the voice actors noticeably try less... They aren't terrible by ANY means, but comparing MGS1 PS1 to Twin Snakes, you can notice that some characters slightly lose their enthusiasm in certain scenes that require the characters to be shocked (Mostly Colonel Roy Campbell). As for voice actors, all of the original cast reprise their original roles, with a few new noticeable mentions like Scott Menville as some genome soldiers and Rob Paulson as the new voice of Gray Fox. (Rob Paulson is AMAZING AS GRAY FOX!)

Gameplay: It's MGS2's gameplay and A.I. along with MGS1's levels. They even use the same game engine, so if you liked 2, you'll like this game. So it's basically MGS2's awesome gameplay minus Raiden and Rose, adding Snake! (Nobody likes Rose...) Now, you may be thinking that Snake must be overpowered if they gave him new moves in a game environment that didn't originally have these moves in mind. THIS GAME MUST BE A BREEZE! Right? Well YOU'RE WRONG! The guards in this game are just as smart and vicious as they were in MGS2, if not more! However, unlike the original game, and like MGS2, guards must first call for backup before they sick the horde on you! Guards also have a longer range of detection this time around, but oddly only in the American version, and not the Japanese version. As for Europe's difficulty, I cannot say because I do not have a European copy of Twin Snakes, like I have an American and Japanese copy of the game.

Price: This game's price is pretty steep with it going up around $40~60 USD for it complete. So you should only buy this game if you're a true fan of the series!! If you're unsure about getting this, then just stick to the original MGS1.


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