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Post by Envy the Jealous on Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:16 am

What are your character's most and least powerful emotions...

And in the case they were ever separated, would they have any special powers and what would they look like?

Max of three characters.

As for Envy...

1. Envy, this emotion goes out towards Mobians, and essentially is a green and white version of Envy, with the ability to shift his body into anything... To a limit, and is very powerful.
2. Envy's Wrath takes up second, being a psychotic black and red, and wields Darkedge, having extreme strength and agility, and is able to control magma and fire.
3. Pride is a powerful point in the cat, having the ability to attack with enveloping darkness, having a gravitational force much like a black hole, but weaker, this Envy is purple and white.
 Envy's weakest are: 
1. Compassion: A blue-green Envy that can only protect his friends with a warding barrier.
2. Lust; A weak Envy that likes to take the form of a tall black and white Fox.
3. Love; Envy's romantic feelings are by far the weakest, having a rose colour to him, this Envy succumbs to any other emotion at any given time.
One to note: Envy's psychoticness takes the form of a white Fox girl in tight black clothing with red outlining covering from the neck to the upper leg, with no sleeves, her tail is very fluffy and white, going with long white hair as well. This might show Envy's psychotic being, as the form has red eyes with black eyelashes... and is abnormally scary, her unending grin doesn't help. Closer inspection shows this form has a broken collar around her neck.

Thanks to the amazing Uncanny-Illustrator for the adorable avatar! 
Character: Envy.

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