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Post by Uncanny-Illustrator on Thu Dec 17, 2015 1:00 pm

Figured I'd toss them both in one place and actually make a topic like this since I do crave more RPs and such~
Plus it prevents me from making multiple topics just because plotting and planning and such.

Thread Tracker
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General Aliens meeting

I just want some casual interactions with other alien characters mostly because I am just curious how those would all mush up and such. Preferable just casual.
Though I suppose there could be an underlying plot where they were lured to such a location just to be captured?

-Isle of the Lost
Some might've noticed I had tried to make this a big open topic but deleted it in the end for personal reason. I do want to give it another try though, just with a small group(Like two other people) or just a 1x1 really.
The base idea is that the island is nearly inaccessible except for a special boat that is able to pass back and forth easily.
The island itself being a good tourist spot but also a location of urban legends about people going missing one week of the year and never turning back up.

-I'll add more as I think of them

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