Knuckles in Project M 3.6.1. (+ Cruz's Edits)

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Knuckles in Project M 3.6.1. (+ Cruz's Edits) Empty Knuckles in Project M 3.6.1. (+ Cruz's Edits)

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:13 am

So, as everyone of whom plays Super Smash Brothers: Project Melee is aware of by now, the official Dev team of Project M has disbanded and have moved onto greater things. This doesn't mean that 3.6 was the last version, however... For there was a final FINAL build leaked called Project M 3.61, (Or I like to call it 3.6.1 because it makes more sense, but whatever.) which notably adds three completely new slots to the roster, and three new characters to go along with it. Those three characters, of course, are Lyn from Fire Emblem, Issac from Golden Sun, and our favorite Chuckle-Head; Knuckles the Echidna. Out of the three, Knuckles is, by far, the most finished. The only thing he was missing was two out of his three taunts, and he has no final smash. (If you get the Smash Ball, Knuckles will Glow like he has the Smash Ball, but despite pressing Neutral B, nothing happens. He just uses his normal Neutral B.) He also has some Audio missing that have Sonic's voice as a placeholder. (These are his Down Taunt, Victory Speech, When he's K.O.'d into the background, and sometimes Down Smash.) But Knuckles is VERY playable competitively, and I LOVE him! However, I did have some nitpicks with his moveset, so I tweaked some things.

  1. His FAir is similar to Mario's FAir, but it surprisingly wasn't a meteor smash... So I changed it... TO A BADASS METEOR PUNCH THAT SETS PEOPLE ON FIRE! (Probably his most OP Move. #SorryNotSorry)
  2. His DAir however, did spike when I first got him, but I wanted to change it too. His DAir now has a Sour Spot right before he swings his fists downwards, but I made the Sweetspot more powerful. (It ALSO SETS PEOPLE NON FIRE! MUHAHAHAHAAA!)
  3. Knuckles actually has a Rapid-Jab, like Kirby, Captain Falcon, Fox, etc. That activates if you either mash the A button, or hold it down on the Third Hit Instead of just Pressing it for a normal Third Hit. In Smash 4, a new mechanic added was that all characters with Rapid-Jabs had a finisher when you let go of the button. A final hit to blow them away after relentlessly hitting them with such speed and intensity. I added this to Knuckles. Knuckles with automatically do one last, big punch to his opponent after you cease his Rapid Jab. 

  • Knuckles was Created by the Project M Dev Team.
  • All of the Numbered Edits above were done by me alone because I felt like they should be there.
  • Thank You for Reading! I may put a download link for my Custom Knuckles. But you MUST have Project M 3.61 to use it. You could port Knuckles over Sonic for previous versions of Project M by renaming all of Knuckles' files to Sonic Manually, but it's easier to just get the new version and paste him in there...


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