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U.N.A.F.I ( United new armed forces initiative ) Is a military faction established by Renegade G.U.N soldiers who were the survivors of the disaster of Project Ark Gate Ark Gate was a project set up by G.U.N with the intent of teleportation techology , moving troops instantly from point A to A..however easier said then done..the backlash ripped a portal straight to a evil like place from which horrific creatures appeared cutting down and laying waste to every thing before them, It took heavy fighting to finally push them back , but the destruction was massive, regardless of the situation G.U.N pressed on with Ark in hopes of fixing it , negating the fact of it possibly happening again and on a much larger scale for the survivors G.U.N wanted no witnesses and sent in Kill teams to neutralize the survivors, this was the turning point. With no alternative to run or hide but rather stand up for them self. The 1500 strong survivors formed U.N.A.F.I as a independent protection force. G.U.N took no action against in any type of large military nature which would later be their biggest mistake. 3 years onward and U.N.A.F.I's forces would of expanded far beyond that of a small rebel force. They had enough personal to form there own faction. G.U.N attempt to put down the threat by launching several strikes against there central base. However UNAFI forces were able to delay them long enough to relocate to the out skirts of the great Woods. Now feeling the pressure of possible future conflict UNAFI began to employ more members , drafting in other types of personal and even forming its on resources , factories and other installations. Soon enough the once quiet rebel force had no exploded into a massive military faction more then capable of standing up against G.U.N's military forces. UNAFI's goal is to either replace G.U.N or see to its end of corruption an lies through force. 

The personal behind UNAFI are being driven by the soul aspect that G.U.N's forces are not what they say they are and are struck with corruption and dictatorship. They also believe that the ARK crisis could happen again and if it does could bring total destruction to most of the planet.
Multiple skirmishes have been already fought between the two factions as they via for control over multiple regions. Attacking and counter attack in a bet to rest control. But as each day goes by UNAFI grows stronger and more powerful and some say one day they will topple G.U.N and bring about a new military to the world stage.

U.N.A.F.I is a military fighting force using conventional combat units and strats to fight its battles it is build upon a rigid command structure. At the very top is central command where all the leaders of the faction determine the course and path of all operations carried out by forces.

UNAFI employs the current types of units in its deployment.

Ground and air forces
Troops : Regular infantry , heavy infantry , special forces,

vehicles : Tanks , ICFV, Mechanized units , Aircraft, Artillery.

UNAFI both lack a Space fleet and a naval fleet putting them at a disadvantage
when coming to these two environments.

Combat characteristics:

UNAFI generally gravitate towards extreme firepower and heavy armor to get the job done. As such most weapons and vehicles are heavily armored and carry a lot of firepower but in terms are almost un matched in combat effectiveness. But at the same time results in speed resource costs to build the weapons and can not meet the same level in numbers compared to other fighting forces.
Infantry soldiers wear distinct dark metallic grey and black combat uniforms with armor protecting most of there body. They are geared with heavy hitting weapons ranging from assault rifles , rocket launchers and shotguns.
Heavy infantry wear much thicker armor and have a external exo suit giving the user greater strength to operate larger scale weapons.
Special forces are geared with top of the line equipment such as cloak tech , modular weapons , phase tech and various other items.
Tanks are heavily armored to the point where most fire can not penetrate there hull, Fitted with array of devastating weapons the tanks, lack speed and maneuverability requiring troops to support tanks and other armored fighting vehicles during attacks or raids.
Aircraft. Are based on a similar nature, not as fast or maneuverable as G.U.N or other faction aircraft they pack a hell of a lot of firepower for there class and can easily wipe out targets with some times a single pass.
General combat is sheer overwhelming firepower of the heavy weapons they can deploy.

Military inventory:

Regular forces Stormmarines: The basic infantry soldier is geared both with heavy armor and powerful weapons , well trained and armed these soldiers make up the bulk of the fighting force. While in fewer number then the more numerous G.U.N forces there heavier hitting weapons and tougher armor some times make the difference when numbers become a problem.
Heavy troopers Shock troopers : These are soldiers armored head to toe with additional plating and protection. However due to the nature of this extra armor heavy troops have to employ a external exo suit to help the soldier move around. While slower then normal troops heavy troopers can carry far more dangerous weapons into combat at the cost of speed and maneuverability.
Special forces black ops troopers: The best of the best form this line these are specialized soldiers that can take on various different dangerous roles every thing from HALO drops , infiltration, sabotage , sniping and more. They are geared with the latest technology and other equipment, highly skilled but few in number. they are he only unit that breaks the warfare of UNAFI's heavy weapons and armor rule

Hammer MBT: The Hammer tank is the most widely used tank employed by UNAFI's forces it is a 70 ton tank mounting a 140mm rifle bore main gun, Fitted with 8 tons of armor the tank is very well protected against incoming attacks. With a state of the art fire control system operators can fire at targets on the move even over rough terrain. But like with all vehicles they are slower , expensive and few in number.

Maxim ICFV: The Maxim is the sole infantry combat fighting vehicle build to not only transport troops into positions but also to provide covering fire while doin so. these tanks are also heavily amored tho not to the same extent as the Hammer it carries 4 tons of armor ample enough to protect it self. It is fitted with a 40mm Autocannon and laser guided Hunter killer missiles on the left side. It suffers the same issues as the hammer being very well armored and excellent firepower but slow speed and low numbers.

Skycrash Artillery: When the need for long range bombardment is called upon these are the weapons of choice. A large 100 tons vehicle with a 250mm Smooth bore Artillery cannon that can fire at targets up to 30km away with devastating effective. However due to the nature of the platform these vehicles do not enter direct combat as there weak armor and slow speed ensures there destruction in no time.

Hellstorm missile tank: based on the same chassis of the Hammer the Hellstorm replaces the turret with racks of Hellstorm missiles the idea of the tank is to launch waves upon waves of these deadly missiles upon its targets to shatter and crush any thing that stands in its way. It is highly effective against armored vehicles and aircraft as the Hellstorm can be outfitted with various missile types. protected by 6 tons of armor it is also very well protected. It suffers the same draw backs as other vehicles of UNAFI but at a added cost. Infantry are its real weakness as the missiles are designed for Armored use and have very little to no effect on ground troops.

Inferno flame tank: A terrifying weapon created purely for physiological and scorched earth tactics. The inferno is also based on the Hammer chassi buts its main gun has been replaced with a naplam cannon fitted with external fuel tanks. These vehicles are perfect for engulfing entrenched positions , flushing out defenders at the fear of being burnt alive. They are also used for scortched earth to destroy any thing they thing may benefit the enemy. Protected by 6 tons of armor the Inferno is very well protected al tho some times a good well placed shot to the fuel tank can destroy the vehicle which has led crews to re armor them.

Hailfire AA tank: The Hailfire tank is build primary as a AA support vehicle fitted with 4 30mm flak cannons that can fire in rapid succession. the Hail fire can pretty much blow any aircraft out of the sky that wanders into its range. Build with a state of the arm targeting system the Hailfire has been very useful at taking out fighter formations that threaten UNAFI operations. However in orer to mount this impressive system and heavy weapons the tank is lightly armored as it was never intended for front line operations. Also being one of the rarest tanks due to its targeting system being difficult to manufacturer.

Bane blade super heavy tank: The most powerful armored fighting vehicle deployed by UNAFI forces. The Bane blade is if 4 tanks were push together to construct one. It has an enormous chassis and hull, geared with a whopping 14 tons of slopped armor the tank is almost impervious to attacks. Armed with no more then 11 different weapon types it is the ultimate assault weapon. ranging from 50cal machine guns , 300mm main gun , experimental laser cannons , a siege demolisher cannon and other weapons. The tank is a army in its own right. Able to face over whelming odds and still overcome its enemy. However the Baneblade is very difficult to manufacturer as most of its unique parts can only be build on certain locations making these tanks the rares of the lot. With units lucky enough to have access to even 1 of this monsters. Bane blades inspire the true fighting spirit of UNAFI , Heavy armor with over whelming firepower and it does its job perfectly. In the hands of a trained crew it is extremely dangerous..in the hands of veterans or aces..it is a nightmare on treds.

Stormblade super heavy tank: The Stormblade is specialized version of the Baneblade tank an even more rare to that fact The Stormblade for goes its general combat role and focuses in on taking out the most powerful targets in the field. It does this by mounting the most powerful deploy able weapon in the arsenal of UNAFI, the Twin link mega plasma cannon. The weapon it self is experimental but so big that the turret of the tank had to be removed forcing the tank to use a fixed gun feature. The cannon fires extremely compressed spheres of super heat plasma at its target. To date any thing on the receiving end of one of these has been totally decimated. However due to its experimental status each shot requires a long set up time in order to fire. The tank does have back up weapons in the forces of machine guns to defend it self. relying on other units to guard it as it sets up to fire. To make every shot count the tank uses the same firec ontrol system as the Hailfire AA tank making sure each shot is a hit or close to it. However do to the experimental nature these tanks are even more rare then the mighty Baneblade and are only deployed when a powerful target presents it self.


SD-49 Striker: The striker is the all rounder forward-swept design multi role fighter capable of handling both air and ground targets. It can carry a pay load of missiles , bombs and other weapons to help it in its role. However due to only the recent introduction of a air force. Most aircraft are low in number but proven so far to be extremely deadly.
A-15 Reaper heavy attack fighter: The Reaper is a air to ground heavy role fighter carrying a very large payload of weapons to attack ground targets. While slower and less mobile then the Striker the Reaper delivers devastating punch to ground forces where it can unleash all its weapons causing destruction on a large scale.
SHK-9 Shockwave Attack chopper: The Shockwave is a heavy attack chopper build with hunting and attacking ground forces in areas the Reaper can not get to. Less armored then the Reaper the Shockwave has great versatility in these areas packed to the bring like all other units with weapons it can easily obliterate armoured and infantry targets and then duck behind a hill before the enemy has a chance to fire back. However like all air craft they are difficult to manufacturer. , expensive and few in number
Anhur transport chopper: the general all round transport chopper, can be out fitted to do man things such as , transport of equipment, troop transport, medivac and more. Far more common then any other aircraft due to tis simple construction nature.
Delta 5 Interceptor light figher: The Interceptor is a fast attack light weight fighter build to counter other aerospace fighters it may come across, armed with exclusive AA weapons it lacks any means to attack ground forces and has to use its speed to evade ground batteries.
Weapon types.
Most infantry based weapons use 7.62mm bullets but these can be specialized into Incendiary , H.E.I ( High explosive impact) but their preferred choice are T.H.V ( triple high velocity ) bullets. Infantry weapons generally have a combined modular weapon fitted with various ad dons such as , sights , launchers , stabilizers and other attachments. While heavy weapons may be LMG's Miniguns , Grenade launchers, Heavy duty snipers and RPG's, energy based weapons are used but very rarely
Vehicle weapons are generally very large with the smallest weapon being a 40mm Auto cannon to the largest being the Twin linked Plasma destroyer cannon. Generally the weapons fire shell based projectiles as U.N.A.F.I perfers ordinance based weapons for max damage out put. Other weapons include the Hunter killer series missiles adapted to various units.
Aircraft weapons follow a similar trait, former weapons such as rotary cannons , large scale explosive warheads , L.T.A missiles and A.T.A missiles, aircraft are build to put as much fire power down range so the number of passes for strafing runs is decreased.
The armor worn by the soldiers of U.N.A.F.I is light weight but still strong and made out of a mix of armaplas and ceramite material giving the users good protection against most forms of weapons even some low energy weapons.
heavy troopers utilize the heavier version of it resulting in greater protection for reduced movement.
Special forces use a nano type armor system that uses its tech to relocate armor around the suit to add protection.
Tanks are platted with Ceramite and Plasteel with a cote of reactive armor fitted to the front giving UNAFI tanks extremely durable sense. Armor is slopped to give additional protection. Unlike conventional tanks UNAFI tanks are well armored back to front and on top making them very difficult to destroy. However they can still be penetrated by a high enough damaging weapon.
Aircraft are build out of the light weight version used by the armored vehicles while it grants them some good protective generally like all air craft they can not with standmajor hits.
Special ammunition
GHTV ( ground high triple velocity) AP and HE variants. The GHTV round allows the UNAFI tanks to engage targets at a far greater distance then conventional shells. Being triple high velocity massively ups the potential penetration value of the shell against enemy armor targets. They are marked by a distinct whistling sound as they travel past a target.
Shield busters: Tho UNAFI makes no use of shields they needed weapons to combat shields of other forces. Each shell is loaded with a EMP charge build into a shell upon impact sends out a massive electric wave which causes serious disruption to energy based shields...in a turn of a even the same shell can provide a EMP effort to armor vehicles.
HVPS ( High velocity phosphorus shells ) these shells are build in AP and HE variants packed with huge amounts of phosphorus inside of them in HE form they can either be direct impact explosive system or ground trigger based explosive version. in AP form they cause devastating effect upon impact able to blow out and burn any thing the shell penetrates making it a good build clearing weapon.
HVDU ( High velocity depleted uranium ) This is one of more deadly shells as it contains amounts of depleted Uranium incorporated into the shell it is fired upon high dangerous to crews of vehicles as if the shell won't destroy the tank the radiation exposed will...infantry also make use of DU rounds in the form of 5.56 and 7.62mm

Hydrashock shell : One of if not the most deadliest shells to be struck with the Hydrashock usings a FJM shell that generates a massive shockwave upon impact what the shell can't penetrate the wave given off is enough to shatter crews bones and destroy electrical equipment.

Tremor round: " A newly developed shell unlike others this shell digs itself into the ground and can be remotely detonate destroying emplacements and under bellies of vehicles. 


New to the UNAFI line are bipedal war machines called battlemechs more or less vertical tanks, most of them humanoid in shape. These mar machines are tanks on legs , fitted with arrays of heavy weapons , advance gyro , Neuro interface allowing for only one pilot , Great flexibility and can be used in any environment These units can perform better then tanks in most regards. Classing in light , medium , heavy and assault.


Probably the single most devastating weapon developed by UNAFI the Titan is a massive 200 meter tall war engine on two legs. Build to stop any threat that stood before it. The Titan was armed with weapons the size of naval ships , a super structure thick enough to withstand Nuclear attacks and 3 lays of void shields to stop any attack slanted at it. The Titan was the weapon to end all weapons , However Its massive firepower does mean it can destroy any thing from divisions to cities in little to no effort. However due to its side and slow speed after a good battering through its shields any unit build with the right weapons can pose a threat to the titan, including Titan killing vehicles. Only 2 known Titans exist and are currently hidden away.  
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