Mutant freaks

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Mutant freaks

Post by WhiteFang on Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:10 am

"Is operation ,Mutant Chaos, a go?" Asked the mysterious voice. "Yes, sir, subject one is on his way to the carnival right now." Responded the nerdy looking goat, he even talked nerdy. Then the voice said," Good, good now my- I mean OUR dream will come true." Then the connection when quiet, " I won't let you down,dad." The goat said tears in his eyes with pride

White Fang was still wandering the world because he had nothing else to do, he is wandering around in search for a job, a job that suits his abilities. Walking down down the path, White find a sign that says "the wonder carnival 3 miles" ( wow what a name) he thought to himself, and he kept walking towards the carnival.

After a while White find that carnival,he's never been to a carnival, so he decided to go in. It was amazing, he has never seen so many, and and people having fun. But all that ended when he heard a scream, followed by a symphony of screaming," what's going on?" He asked as every one zoomed past him. " MONSTER" they yelled. That's when he saw the roller coaster start to tip over.
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