Manifest Destiny.

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Manifest Destiny.

Post by Sparknish on Sat Dec 05, 2015 8:52 pm

Time is an interesting subject isn't it? It allows the impossible to be possible and the immovable to be movable.

Somewhere in an alternate dimension...

Artemis was pinned. Her back against a overgrown wall. She in an abandoned facility filled with murderous robots. She held her trusty sniper in her hand. Her ghost peeked out from behind her shoulder.

"Artemis, I sense a portal to lead us out of here. But I don't know where we might end up..." He spoke. It's voice vaguely english and proper.

She nodded her head down to agree. She took a smoke bomb from her belt and throw down onto herself as she was cloaked in invisbility. She sneaked her way around the now confused robots. She found the portal as it glowed in standby, She pulled out her ghost again as it scanned it and activated it just as her cloak wore off. making a loud noise attracting the robots. 

They spotted her and began to rush toward her. She took one last look of her surroundings as she's leaving the area. "It wasn't supposed to end like this..." she thought. She shook her head away from her emotions and entered the portal.

It was a instant experience as she appeared in Mystic Ruins near Tails' abandoned workshop. She didn't see any signs of a portal at all as she was in the middle of a dirt circle. Something felt different as she looked around. She was smaller and more warm. She looked herself checking for any deformites. And as with instict her tail brushed up against her side. She has a Tail. A fluffy sky-blue one. It glowed like her skin normally back in the other world. Her armor was intact as it only had a Tail Port. Weird.

No sign of her ghost. No sign of anything familiar. 
Well then.

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Re: Manifest Destiny.

Post by WhiteFang on Sat Dec 05, 2015 9:07 pm

Walking down the road, White Fang saw workshop in the distance. He needed to rest, so he want to the workshop and went in.

There was no sign of anyone being here for a while. So he sat down and rest.

He was awoken by a bright light, when he stood up a women appeared
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