Survival of the Damned

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Survival of the Damned

Post by Robotrip3000 on Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:46 am

(Go easy on me guys! My first forum!)

It was a small party going on. No...was it large? You couldn't remember quite clearly. Such a fog memory. Let's see...let's take it from the top.

You were at a party, that's for sure. You remember getting an invitation to the party. Beautiful hand writing, that's for sure. Your name was written on that. Beautiful, wasn't it? You came anyway, having read it saying that it was a luxurious, what they call 'Gatsby' party. You don't remember what you did. Did you talk to your friends? Were you drunk? No matter, you have a slight headache anyway. No need to worry about that.

Then what else? Oh yes! You were suddenly blinded by a bright flash of white, brighter than the sun, You would say. It felt like forever, but now you've waken up to... seems you've awaken in a carnival of some sorts. A large one; maybe an amusement park? No matter, you've woken up, and it's probably time to solve this, don't you think?


A blue raccoon woke up from his slumber, but he had no memory of his bed being so cold. "W...what the...?" He muttered to himself. Where is he? He's not in the Manor Party anymore, he knows this now. He stumbles to stand on his feet, the cold breeze blew on him. "H-hello...? Hello?" He asked through the breeze. Where was he?

He looked around, surrounded by a ferris wheel, the 'Mirror Maze', and the 'Radi-clothes' store. 'This amusement park looks abandoned,' he thought, his head still aching. 'W-where is everyone?'

"Hello?! Is anyone there?!" He shouted. He looked up, seeing the grey clouds dangling above him. Now that he got a better surrounding, he realize that most of these rides are either broken beyond repair, or simply untouched by Mobias hands. He needed to get out of here, fast.

He looked behind to see an exit to to far from him. He sprinted as fast as he could, but he saw a large barb-wired fence going just beyond the fog. "I-It's covering the whole park." He quickly realized. He needed to find answers. If only someone were here.
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