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Welcome to PlanT

Post by Sayo-the-merc on Sat Nov 28, 2015 2:18 pm

In the city of Westopolis, there is a rising Private Military Contractor organization that even grabs the attention of G.U.N. and even Robotnik. This is PlanT, a mercenary organization with highly trained combat specialists ready for missions of various kinds and risks.  This PMC agency has access to top-of-the-line technology and military-grade weapons. The PMCs of PlanT each rank differently, from the bottom ranks that specialize regular patrols and guard duty to the elite that can operate black ops missions. Sitting on his desk is one of the elite, just maintain a rifle in his armory. His name is Sayo Leonheart, one of the elite. He is able to do various kinds of missions, but his specialty happens to be high-risk black ops missions. No one knows why he chooses to do them a lot. Some say he's bored, others say he has a deathwish.  Putting his rifle away, he takes out a dagger that was given to him by Lobo and Lupe before. It is a dagger often used by the Wolf Pack. He never talks about his past, saying that the closest thing he has to family are the Wolf Pack.

"Just great... no contracts...." He groans as he puts the dagger down. "I hate sitting on this desk....." Sayo hates having to wait for contracts, but what else can he do? Its not like one will drop in front of him on a dime.
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