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My random idea(s) Empty My random idea(s)

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 25, 2015 1:20 pm

Hello, this is a thread for basicially my ideas for the canon or non canon RP's, they will be listed below.

1.(Non canon!)

Undertale- reference idea.
Its an idea that's just popped up quitle lately, as I saw so many users linking the Undertale soo much, so this idea just popped up radomly. 

How I imagine it?
Unlike in the game, there can be multiple characters completing the story in the multiple modes, however, the chracters that want to do a Genocide rum might need to state reason why (its just an option, though. The game itself likns with players so deeply that it feels unfain just to be evil form the beggining without a visible reason.)
The game itself might change depending of the characters actions - like, if someone would go Genocide run, there might be ecounters between the characters doing neutral/pacifist run.

The idea itself is still unfinished, and i'm not sure if its will be even possible to do. So... Please, I would like to her your opinions or ideas on it.

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