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Basics information:
Name: Rin
Nicknames: --
Age: 19
Species: Ceylon Cat
Gender: Female
Occupation: Nurse

Big, yellow eyes - even seem bigger, because of glasses and ridiciously big, triangle-shaped ears, are the most chracteristic things to recognize her in crowd. Pretty thin, sand coloured, short (4'2") feline with neck-lengh hair and white tips - some of their bangs are covering half of her face. 
Usually wearing black shirt with cropped pants, followed by knee-lenght boots and white fingerless gloves. Carries around a small backpack with her, with some supplies inside.

(will appear later-ish... maybe )

Personality traits


- Water
And when I mean water... I mean as any form, and I woudn't set it as a Like... far more like and obssesion with it, in par with other one.
- Climbing
This like is more a hobby, deflected by family 'tradicional' climbs.
- Bitter things
She just can't stand the sweet taste, sour things are toreable.
- Reading
Another powerfull passion, as getting knowledge or just enjoying herself. She can stand many hours in place and read the desired book in her hands.
- Sleeping
When not doing anything, she usually likes to sleep a lot, heck, she can sleep even full day.
- Clound-wathing
A trait that links to her water obssesion. After all, clounds are made of water in air, just ready to drop, right? And besides, she loves watching the shapes of those fluffy things.

- Sweet things
- Being forced to do something
-[size=13] Mindless violence


Ohh, personality of hers is... weird. Usually, her way of describing herself is actually in one word - 'random'.  She's friendly with people however her actions in centrain situations might put some of people in curled up position in maniacally spasmes of laughter. At first seems to be a hyperactive, corny jokes-loving person, yet it becoming slowly noticeable that she's mostly a loner, usually going places and exploring by herself. Even if she's little bundle of kindness, she's somewhat... saddened, and negative of almost everything about herself - she puts everyone above her. Usually very wary of new people, but its not noticeable when she's throwing a 'joker' face on.
If she's a bit away from the person she talks to, she usually moonwalks towards that person, even in a fight.
Aaannnd last but not last... She's curious ... Very curious cat.

Combat traits

Her power - if fight is really needed - is controling water around her, usually to forge a weapon of choice - whip or set of senbons, or shield to protect herself, or a way to trap her enemies, mostly chains  (She cannot create multiple solid weapons at the same time.). Her control, however is not fully stable, as she would liked. Her powers also allowes to drain water form a little surfraces, if really needed (handy in little tasks such as laundry ^^'').

As for other kinds of weapons, she has always in her backpack a set of senbons. As her fighting style goes mostly to the defensiwe, blocking the blows and going for the opponents pressure points, to slow enemy down.
Not only that, she figured out a way to make a little explosives, that won't hurt much, and she can creatively put them in anything that she desires (without living creatures).


- Her big knowlege allows her to think over her strategies in the fight and think of a things to do while alone.
- hieghten sense of hearing
- Trying to make others smile and belive in themselfes, all the ways she can.
- Have a high accurancy with throwing things (preferably senbons)


- Insecure about herself, she never trusted herself enough.
- Can't communicate with others properly.
- Her self-doubt is mostly visible in the fight, as she is more defensive than attacking.
- Curiosity, that one kind that can make get anyone in trouble.

Social information

Positive relations

Negative relations


(Will add later...ish?)

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