Will be inactive (Possibly permanent)

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Will be inactive (Possibly permanent)

Post by Chandler Break on Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:56 am

Hey guys. I know I haven't been on here long. I never even really posted in the forum. But I just didn't get what i was looking for from here. The few people that I talked with were nice as you could be, and I am thankful for meeting them, but the inactivity of the members here is substantial enough to take the fun away from this site to me. The many rules of the site also forced me to change my character quite a bit from his original design that i've had for many years prior to joining the site, which also deters me from staying. When i have been on, I haven't recieved the warmest of welcomes. Only 3 or 4 people have even said a word to me on chat. 

My time zone is also a major problem with my user experience. I am from the central US, and the few people and one moderator that I had the pleasure of talking to had a 7 hour difference in time zones. So in order to even talk with these people, i had to either be up extremely early, or stay up extremely late. Neither of these are pleasant things to do for me on my current schedule.

I was also upset at the lack of moderators. And i know this is not the site's fault or the current moderators. The absence of people really hurts this site, and i had quite a bit of difficulty getting started, and even now as i leave, I am still unaware of some of my options that I could do here. Having more moderators, admins, or anything where i could ask questions and them be able to respond in a timely manor would have made my experience so much better.

Although this may be harsh, it is the truth. And if I lied and said anything else, it would be very disrespectful to the site's owners and moderators so here is my opinion: To me, it just seems like a forgettable experience. And I really hate to sound so harsh about it, because the site is set up great and the few people that get on here are wonderful people. However, the lack of enthusiasm and commitment from the site's users really upset me. (Of course, there are the few people that i see on here on a consistant basis, but those people seem to not want to be very vocal, or at least not vocal to me or newer people in general.) There's not really another site out there for RP on Sonic the Hedgehog, so the fact that this one is so small and uneventful really makes me sad.

However, this leave may not be permanent. Maybe if the site picks up in popularity, I may make a return. I know my presence here was never really felt, so i know that i wont be missed. Although this may be true, i hope that in my short time here, i made someone's day better, at least once, as that was my intentions. If i sounded disrespectful in this post, please understand that i did not mean to be. This was merely to explain my experience and reason for leaving, and give an honest explanation with no strings attached, and no pulled-punches. 

I will be periodically checking this site, to see who is on, how many people stay active, but as of right now, the site is just not active. I feel like the few people who are active didnt really have time for me anyways and didnt want to make the time to at least say hello. I tried to reach out to several people, even going as far as to PM them with no reply from anyone at all. Even in chat, people would not answer. And I wasnt about to try to talk to someone who didn't want to talk, so after the first try, i was done.

-The experience was nice, but forgetful
-The site is excellent, but not active enough
-the members seemed occupied and not take initiative to talk to newer people (Like myself)
-time difference in members involved
-lack of moderators that can help explain the site better to people
-Site's limitations on character creation
-Lack of explanation of the site and its uses

And again, I just want to be honest, because I feel if I lied and said anything other than the truth, it would be highly disrespectful to the site and its users. If there's a problem and someone doesn't know about it, how are they supposed to fix it, you know? So here are the problems I see, however I do not know how to fix them, nor do I know if they can be fixed. 

I wish the best to the people of the site and the creators thereof. I really hope this site will pick up in popularity. Thank you for letting me be a part of the site, and hopefully I will join again in the future.
Chandler Break
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Re: Will be inactive (Possibly permanent)

Post by Envy the Jealous on Wed Nov 04, 2015 3:24 am

If you are reading this, I do have to say one thing... 
I've never really spoken to you, but I understand how you could feel this way... 
There isn't much that really can be done, however, and the creator of the site left the building a year ago due to unknown reasons. 
I hope you find what you're looking for, and that you had a nice stay while it lasted...
I will miss you, despite never talking with you.

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Re: Will be inactive (Possibly permanent)

Post by C.S.O. on Wed Nov 04, 2015 9:23 pm

Well, it's unfortunate that you feel you want to leave, and I fully understand your reasons and rationale, and even agree with a lot of it. But in the interest of 'not pulling punches' I do have a reply for you on a couple of points.

You say that the site is not active enough, but what did you do to change that? I'm not sure what your interest in being here might have been, but did you ever post on the forum in places that held your interest? Did you try to be active here yourself?

You mention that members didn't seem to want to talk to you. But is that entirely unexpected? If you're new, people won't know anything about you and you shouldn't expect them to reach out to you. Not everyone rushes to engage with relative strangers. Yes, you tried to talk with people in the chat box or by PM, but it might have been better for you to get to know people by posting in topics or starting your own threads and carrying on discussions that way. Many people don't go into the chat box, and it can be easy to miss PM notifications if you are busy elsewhere on the forum. The best way to get engaged on a forum is to post in a thread somewhere.

In regards to things not being clear here on the site, you could have posted your questions on the forum. That way it's easier for anyone to offer you assistance if you have an issue, not just the moderators. Sometimes the moderators just aren't available.

So I do think you have some valid criticisms, but your own actions don't set you apart from some of the criticisms you have of others.

If you want things to become more active here, try to do something about it yourself. Don't just point out that there's a problem and then leave. That doesn't help fix it. Try and be active yourself rather than waiting for others to take the lead so that you can follow them.

But whether you return here or eventually find someplace else you prefer, I do hope you can have an enjoyable experience.

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Re: Will be inactive (Possibly permanent)

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