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Post by Shade the Lazarhog on Sun Oct 25, 2015 7:44 pm

Old Name: Isaac Mackenzie
New Name: Shade
Birthday: 25th of March
Age: 20 (technically 50)
Sex: Male
Species: Hedgehog-Lazarus Hybrid


Kinetic Energy Absorption & Manipulation - can absorb the kinetic energy from a physical object and then use that energy for whatever he wants e.g. moving other objects telekinetically
Extra Sensory Perception - can sense the general direction of someone by focusing on their individual "mind waves"
Force Field Generation - can create temporary and invisible, to the naked eye, force fields comprised of kinetic energy
Backwards Contortionist - he is able to bend his back far enough that his head will fit between his legs however it can be difficult because of his back quills


His powers are weaker when he is under pressure
He can't swim
He is able to lose control of his powers and become a danger to himself and others
Physically, he's not very strong


He's scared of the dark
He's scared of dying
He is scared that one day he'll become a criminal again


Shade is a loyal friend who will always look out for you when you are in trouble. While he has demons, he tries to keeps the mood relatively light and will always be there to make you smile. He is quite observant and will occasionally notice small details e.g. on people's faces, in large, scenic areas

Shade is generally kind but he's cheeky and will find a laugh in teasing and winding someone up. He tries to act snarky and witty and while it's obvious he's joking, he will reassure the "victim" that's he doesn't mean to hurt them.

Shade is usually a very forgiving person and will sometimes go as far as to spare the lives of condemned criminals. He is quite clever but underestimates himself so will use his brawn to get out of sticky situations.


Head - Black quills with dark blue tips. 7 head quills; top left and top right quills curve up, middle top quill curves down and has a dark blue streak, middle left and right quills curve outwards, bottom left and right quills face down.

Face - Left eye is blue. Right eye is green. Has a gentle face that rests on a nice smile. Black nose and peach mouth and chin.

Torso - Small white tuft of fur. Small peach stomach. 2 back spikes that curve downwards. Slim and small chest.

Arms - Black arms. A Blue streak on each arms.

Legs - Black legs. A blue streak on each legs.

Attire - A blank white t-shirt. A black cap. A grey hoodie that has a long pocket below the Torso so both hands can fit in at either side. Skinny blue jeans that are turned up just below the ankles. Wears black, high top converse. Wears white, skin tight gloves with black finger tips and red gems lining the edges of the gloves.


A mutated Chao, Blimp was Shade's unlikely best friend before he became a "superhero". Blimp has red irises, a red head orb, red hands, red feet and red skin on the top of his head. His left side skin has an azure colour while his right side has a light purple colour. His has incredible telepathic abilities, able to influence people's emotions, create certain sensations and heal wounds faster.


Before Shade changed his name, he was called Isaac Mackenzie, a white skinned hedgehog with red highlights and brown eyes. He was a stubborn, selfish, greedy, proud, overconfident, hotheaded jerk always ready to kiss someone's aaamazing grace. He'd do almost any job for hire whether it be burglary, framing or a courier of drugs, weapons etc. Isaac had always been flexible, even at a young age, but these jobs helped him push his flexibility to the limit. This was his life while he hoarded his money; until he met Blimp.

When Isaac found Blimp, he was crying, injured and bleeding to death. Blimp then was a yellow and pink Chao with blue eyes. Reluctantly, Isaac nursed Blimp back up to good health. To his annoyance, Blimp would not leave his side resulting in Isaac having a lot of explaining to do to his drug dealer boss. However, life returned quickly to the status quo. As Isaac became a better criminal, his work began to get noticed by the public.

Soon afterwards, Isaac began to notice the side effects of the drug he was primarily transporting. At first the effects were small like itching or the common cold. Unfortunately, after a long period of time, the drug would shut down people's nervous and immune systems completely, which made Isaac a little reluctant to transport it. Blimp and Isaac became friends and Isaac was able to convince Blimp not to follow him anymore. However, one day the Lazarus invaded. 

The Lazarus​ were a species of powerful mutants created by an insane scientist from another world who turned against him and began to create their empire. They have advanced technology capable of cloning themselves and mutating others. They have managed to modify their DNA to regenerate their entire body from a single cell which is why they were dubbed the Lazarus. Isaac was doing one of his courier jobs when he noticed the invasion of the Lazarus​ on the city. 

Something in Isaac sparked and he dropped his bag to rescue Blimp before getting them both abducted by the Lazarus​. The Lazarus​ began to mutate the two into Lazarus​ too but, fortunately, the ship was attacked by defense forces which gave Isaac and Blimp the chance to escape the ship. This is when defense forces discovered that the Lazarus weren't very equipped with weapons and so were defeated easily. They both managed to make it almost off the ship before it shook and were thrown around the ship as it began to crash into the city. The two eventually found a room to hide in which contained this strange rock. The rock itself was protecting a green goo which glowed and freaked out Isaac and Blimp. 

Unfortunately, the ship gave one last jolt and the two were thrown into the rock, getting sucked in by the goo. Isaac and Blimp were stuck in the rock while the ship crash-landed in the city. The remainder of the ships fled Mobius and luckily haven't​ been spotted on Mobius since. The rock fell out of the ship and landed in a far off lake where the two were in a sleeping state for 30 years until they escaped and were able to roam Mobius again.

However, escaping the rock, the two of them noticed that the failed mutation that they had undergone on the ship had altered their appearances. Isaac realised that he could leave his life of crime behind and start a new life, with a new name and a new face. Shade chose his name because that is what he was, a shade of his former life now leaving it and starting over. Shade and Blimp went their separate ways and he was excited to start a new chapter in his new, hopefully better, life.

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Post by Electrisa on Wed Nov 11, 2015 9:32 pm

Your character is breaking several fundamental rules of character creation.
Please read them and adjust your bio BEFORE joining any RP, or else admins will have to intervene.
If you need any help, PM the staff (like me) or join the cbox to ask for help c:

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