How the heck did I create these... Things?

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How the heck did I create these... Things? Empty How the heck did I create these... Things?

Post by Toyoken on Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:39 am

There isn't anything to say but...


Yeah, nothing here, heehee.

Also, another thing...


But that doesn't beat tyson_the_cometxdjdragon33coughcough

Though, I should be talking about my FC's. Let's just say, they all are original, buuut, they are based off a series I am making called Elemental, which, Tyson_the_Comet and DJDragon33 is involved in. It's pretty harsh doing it, but why I made it is so I can make a video game out of it. 8D

So, incase anyone was really curious about how I made these guys, you get it from there, WHICH, I want to start posting episodes of Elemental on SRN so people on here can read the series, since I want to make a book out of it FIRST.

Okay, bye-bye~

" Everything is theoretically impossible, 
until it is done. "

~ Manabu Khrushchev
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