Ack, Reappearance!

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Ack, Reappearance!

Post by Avery on Sat Aug 08, 2015 11:53 pm

ACCCCKK, goodness graces all mighty of everything! ...THIS PLACE, IS SO YELLOW NOW. SO MANY TAILS... SO MANY TAILS! AAAAAAAH

*shakes off crazy* Right, alright. So... Been a while since I came onto here, thought I put something here about my absence and... it seems that I didn't... poo. BUT! But, but, but I have come back with the willingness that my computer will not screw me over this time! (Also for the fact that I have millions of ideas now... and maybe to start over on everything .w. Love to do that)

Reason why I was goooone: My computer decided that my hard drive wasn't worth it anymore, and so it said "BYE BYE" to it and it died. Been trying all of my freaking months worth trying to fix it, but it turned out that the Hard Drive had a failure somehow... huh.

But, I have a new Hard Drive, and it should be a-okay with everything now! Also, along with that, I have new characters to bring out, which will be interesting! Hopefully I can get to RPing here again soon! It was a lot of fun while I was here! Who knows? Maybe something even more magical can happen!

Now... where's my profile? I need to fix it right away. *goes to search*

"I do things my way, I'm sorry it's not your way. There are many others who do it your way." -Cryaotic
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