An interesting quandry

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An interesting quandry

Post by lady-tragedy on Fri Jul 17, 2015 8:38 am

The mystic ruins where known for their tropical climate and the ruins of ancient civilisations. Primarily the ancient echidna civilisations. Most of these ruins documented it fall to the creature known as Chaos. Or more specifically, perfect chaos. But he wasn't there for that creature. If there was one thing one had to do it was learn from past mistakes. Even if said mistakes were not you own and yes, perhaps you could have done better than that fat human. After all superior minds and all that.

No, what truelly interested finitevus were the part partaining to the master emerald. It had its origins here in a sense. For it had been chaos prison for milenia untill it had been stirred from its sleep, the emerald shattered, freeing chaos as well as the spirit of the girl who had trapped him within.

He let his bandaged fingers glide along the glyphs of the wall. When chaos had been released, the archeologists had still been studying the ruins. But they felt they had learned all they could since and had left. It was nothing but a tourist attraction now. He grimaced his disdain at that paticular thought and muttered darkly under his breath before his fingers touched the glyph he'd been looking for.

He pressed down on it and with a shudder of the ground and the grating of stone on stone, a passage opened that had been overlooked by tourist and archeologists alike. Naturally, they didn't have to wit to understand this place. Not like he did anyway. He shook his wrist , letting a warp ring slide off and float above his palm, using it to light his path as he entered the passage.


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