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Boot Camp Idea

Post by Blitz Zhavanx on Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:01 am

Welcome to Camp Irons, Grunts. This is where you are tested to lead GUN forces against Doctor Eggman should he invade Station Square and the rest of Mobias. You will be tested in the skills of leadership, combat, and overall squad performance. I now turn the spotlight to our lead Training Overseer,  Commander Blitz Zhavanx.

Thank you, Colonel. The basics you should know are simple. You will be paired up with 4 other grunts against other teams of five. Each time your squad wins a scenario your squad moves up the board. If your squad manages to reach one of the top 6 tiers of squads in the end, you will be part of the elite battalion, the Bloodhound Battalion. If not you will be part of lesser units. Get with your assigned squads and the first match will be held next week this time. Get ready grunts, you're about to feel a whole world of pain.

Basically, this idea revolves around a Boot Camp that culls the strong from the weak to lead GUN forces against Eggman should GUN decide to invade Eggman's forces or Eggman invades Mobias again. Through a series of different tiers, squads up to 5 people with pit against each other using stun weapons inside war-games. When the top Squadron Overall has been decided, war-games will cease immediately and any squads within the top 6 tiers will be part of the top battalion within all of the GUN forces. Tier one = 1 squad, tier 2 = 2 squads, tier 3 = 3 squads, etc. Details can be sorted out via conversation with me at anytime.

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