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Name: Wolfgang Fremont

Nicknames: Wolf

Age: 19 years old

Species: Timber Wolf

Gender: Male

Occupation: Unemployed / Drifter

Appearance: He stands around 4'4" and weighs 118 pounds. He's got a strong and athletic build under his coat of silver fur. His fur looks generally unkempt. He has blue eyes. He usually stands up tall, unless he's sneaking or stalking. He generally looks distant and standoffish, coolly appraising his surroundings.

He usually wears t-shirts, knee length shorts and is barefoot. He'll wear longer sleeved shirts and longer legged pants when required for the weather. His clothing is generally plain, just being a solid colour with no designs. Under his shirt, he wears a necklace with a rough chunk of purple crystal hanging in front of him. The crystal is small enough to be easily concealed in his paw. He almost always has a backpack and a duffel bag with him as well, carrying various supplies.

Personality traits

- Outdoors, nature
- Traveling
- Cold weather, winter
- Meditation

- Large groups, densely populated areas
- Nosy or irritating people
- Unfairness
- Bullies of any sort

Personality: Wolfgang is a quiet and private individual, very much an introvert, as such he spends most of his time alone. When he has to interact with others, he refrains from discussing himself. He's suspicious of others motives and is slow to trust because of it. Despite this, he's compassionate and quick to help others if he is capable of doing so. If it can be earned by others, he is extremely loyal. He is a very determined individual. He can be patient and calm most of the time, but if pushed too hard he can become quite angry and violent. He follows his own moral beliefs about what is right and wrong, which can lead to him disagreeing with other's interpretation of situations. He appreciates fairness and has a low tolerance for people taking advantage of events or others for selfish reasons.

Combat traits

Powers: Wolfgang is capable of channeling his own energy to project very short range energy fields. Most energy fields he can create will be in contact with his body. The field serves him in a purely defensive manner.

The field absorbs and spreads out the kinetic energy from impacts against it and in many cases Wolfgang actually avoids physical contact with whatever is hitting him. As the field doesn’t negate the kinetic energy from the impact, forceful blows can still knock him away, they just won’t do as much damage to him as the force is no longer focused on the point of impact. Wolfgang can greatly reduce the kinetic energy of a blow against him, if he has time to prepare for it and focus, but doing so will make him expend far more energy, as the field must be strengthened to do so.

After much time training and practicing, Wolfgang is able to walk around with a low energy field around himself at all times. This is generally enough to protect him from serious injury resulting from surprise attacks.

The field isn’t perfect though. A focused impact, if strong enough, could potentially break through the field entirely allowing the blow to hit Wolfgang directly.

He is highly skilled in unarmed combat and grappling and is capable of fighting with any actual or improvised weapons. He almost always has a weapon in easy reach.

Weapons: Wolfgang owns a pair of short swords, pair of daggers and four smaller throwing knives.

- Can learn quickly
- Excellent survival skills
- Sharp senses, very attentive to surroundings
- Problem solving skills

- Lacks a formal education
- Has difficulty handling technology on his own
- Lacking in social skills
- Hesitant to accept help from/get involved with others

Social information
Positive relations
- Reena Star - This friendly female Klee Kai befriended Wolfgang and traveled with him for a short time before they parted ways. She was quite charitable towards him during their time together. He hopes they might be able to meet in the future, but he worries about tempting fate like that.
- Travis McGable - A human mercenary Wolfgang has encountered multiple times. He appears to be a reasonable person that Wolfgang feels he can risk trusting, although he finds him quite dangerous and potentially reckless. When he last saw him, Travis was being carried off by enemies and his current condition is unknown, but Wolfgang assumes that Travis is gone.
- Froshana - To be updated
- Katrina Soramos - To be updated
- Tangerine Swiftdragon - To be updated
- White Fang - To be updated
- Shade the Hedgehog - To be updated
- Walter Whit - To be updated
- Flame the Hedgehog - To be updated

Neutral relations
- Zero Nakhidi - Only briefly encountered this hedgehog in passing. Knows nothing about him.
- Shrike - A mysterious figure dressed all in armour and seemingly armed to the teeth. Wolfgang knows nothing about him other than what he's seen of him. He hopes he'll never have to combat Shrike as he appears quite formidable.
- Levi the Hedgehog - Only briefly encountered this hedgehog in passing. Knows nothing about him.
- Shocker the Hedgehog - To be updated
- Chutha the Road Runner - To be updated
- Thunder the Fox - To be updated
- Ryder the Hedgehog - To be updated
- Dr. Morgan Ormen - To be updated
- Volt the Hedgehog - To be updated
- Tala the Wolf - To be updated
- Caen Flare - To be updated

Negative relations
- Malware the Fox - Despite not actually knowing his name, Wolfgang knows not to trust this person from their only meeting and considers him to be manipulative, self-aggrandizing and dangerous.
- Blitz Zhavanx - A female fox Wolfgang has only ever encountered at a distance. A very violent and dangerous individual with access to a huge army, and shows no conscience or remorse from what he's seen of her. Having survived an attack she ordered that destroyed an entire town and killed everyone there, he views her as an extreme threat to be avoided.
- Washon'jour Kollisher - Having never interacted with her, Wolfgang judges her a threat based on her relationship to Blitz Zhavanx.
- Slayer Squad (Kelly Marie Wilson, Gahiji Okonjo, Lin the fox) - He knows only Gahiji by name but each of them by appearance. He was briefly caught in an assault from them but escaped without harm. His only knowledge about them is from conversation he overheard in which they admitted to acts of abduction and mass murder. He currently views them as people to be avoided at all costs, but he hopes that one day he, or someone else, will be capable of bringing them to justice for their actions.

- Envy Bladesong - Fought him in the TT Tournament. Envy attempted to kill him during their encounter. Wolfgang understandably fears what Envy can do, but also hold him in equal measures of pity and contempt. Despite seeing his obvious power, Wolfgang regards him as a pathetic individual that has become exactly like the people he claims to despise.
- Heiliger Ritter - To be updated


Wolfgang was born as part of a nomadic pack of wolves that wandered through northern regions of the world, sticking mainly to forested and plainsland regions. They kept their contact with civilizations to a minimum, preferring to live off what was found in nature. Like all members of the pack Wolfgang was taught to hunt and forage and various survival and fighting skills.

When he was seven, his pack was attacked by an unidentified group. Wolfgang was separated from his family when he fled from the scene of the attack. He succeeded in evading pursuit but was left on his own. Those circumstances did not last long though. About a week later he was found by another wolf named Wolfgang Grosvenor. Grosvenor had found the area where the attack occurred and managed to track the younger Wolfgang from there. He chose to look after the orphan. He lived a nomadic lifestyle as well, so it was easy for Wolfgang to adjust to being with his new guardian.

They traveled together for about four years with Grosvenor teaching Wolfgang what he could about the world and helping him learn how to take care of himself should he end up on his own again, as well as developing Wolfgang's existing skills further. The pair traveled around, visiting smaller towns and heading further south to some warmer regions.

One day, when Wolfgang was ten, a day after they had left one of the many small settlements they came across in their travels, they were confronted by a group of people demanding that the two wolves come with them. The two Wolfgang's refused and ended up having to fight for their freedom. They succeeded and escaped, hiding out in the wild for some time before approaching another small town, hoping to find some more information about the attack they faced. Apparently there was a rumour circulating around about a group that was looking for nomadic wolves and wanted them brought in and was willing to pay a good price for help finding or catching them. Realizing that they were in danger from this unknown group, the pair took off into the wild and decided to try and head south and get far away from the region.

They traveled like this for a year with only a couple of similar encounters during that time, but they were able to escape each time. Eventually though they ran into a better prepared group of hunters seeking to capture them. The two Wolfgangs were unable to defeat them but did succeed in escaping. But Grosvenor was badly injured during the fight and the injury was aggravated as they fled. Grosvenor knew that there was little chance of both of them escaping together, so he gave Wolfgang their supplies and most of their belongings. He told Wolfgang to leave while he occupied their pursuers. After a short and inadequate goodbye between them, they parted ways for the last time. Wolfgang never found out what happened to Grosvenor, other than he succeeded in helping him escape.

Wolfgang was on his own again and he knew that there were people after him. Without anyone else to rely on, he hid out in the wild and kept his distance from civilization, hoping that keeping away from people would keep him safer. He continued like this for years, and the extended period of isolation resulted in him growing more feral. His travels took him far from where he'd been born as well.

One day when he was fifteen, he stumbled across a pair of people, a female badger and a male dingo, out in a forest gathering food and water in containers and carrying them back to wherever they had been staying. He was hungry having had little success foraging and hunting for the previous couple of days. He saw this as his best chance to eat, so he stalked after them, observing them for a couple of minutes, then charged them.

The pair weren't prepared for his ferocity and had trouble defending against his surprise attack. Wolfgang wounded the badger, knocking her out of the fight, and had a prolonged struggle against the dingo. The badger reentered the fight with a weapon after Wolfgang got the advantage against the dingo, but Wolfgang proved too much for her. He ended up with her weapon and it appeared that he might finish her off, before a female fox intervened and beat Wolfgang soundly, eventually knocking him unconscious. Rather than leaving him there or killing him, the fox brought him back to her home inside the forest, where she, the dingo and the badger were staying. She tended to the injuries the three had sustained.

Once Wolfgang came around, the fox spent some time with him. She determined that he was a rather troubled individual and rather than turning him loose where he'd likely get into more trouble, she decided to attempt rehabilitating him. After years of isolation, it took a couple of months to get Wolfgang properly resocialized. The fox, who he'd learn was named Sheela Illum, turned out to be a monk, highly adept in both healing methods and combat arts. The badger and dingo were there as students of hers.

Wolfgang eventually followed suit, after apologizing and making amends to Sheela's students, and he began taking part in the same lessons and following the same routines as the other two would. Sheela also took the time to help teach Wolfgang, imparting him with a basic education in reading, writing, and mathematics. Then in his own time, he did his best to build upon that. He spent nearly two years in total under Sheela's tutelage, bettering himself in any way he could. He learned discipline and focus from her and developed his morals under her guidance. He honed his fighting skills and his ability to determine when he needed to use them. Eventually he was the only student left there as the badger and dingo had finished their own studies and left to apply and advance their skills on their own.

When Wolfgang was seventeen, one day he headed out to do his morning chores and training, and much like the events of two years ago, only with the roles reversed, he was attacked by a pair of strangers. Caught off guard, Wolfgang initially struggled to defend himself from their attack, sustaining several light wounds in the process, but using the terrain, his knowledge of it, and his extensive skills he gradually began to turn the tide. He managed to wound and disarm one of his attackers and rather than press on his opponents fled. Concerned that there might be more of them he hurried back towards Sheela's home.

He'd been gone from her home for over an hour and when he returned all seemed normal there. He made his way inside where things were decidedly not. Her home was littered with broken furniture and belongings. The walls and floors showed damage from missed weapon attacks and the impact of various objects. What worried him though were the blood splatters around the home, which became more frequent as he made his way through the building. The final room he reached had a broken down door and a shattered window. He followed the trail outside and into the forest. He did his best to track whoever had traveled away from the home in that direction, but after only twenty minutes the trail he had been following was no longer distinct enough to follow. He had no option other than to return the way he'd come. When he got close to Sheela's home though he found many strangers patrolling around the area while others close to the building had already set it alight and were spreading the flames. Wolfgang watched briefly as the fire slowly consumed the place he had come to think of as a home. He knew he had to leave before he was found, so with the belongings he carried on him he sneaked away.

Much like with Grosvenor, and his family before that, Sheela was just gone and he had no idea what her ultimate fate was. They had no way to find one another and returning to her home was no longer an option. These people had come for one or both of them but he didn't know why or if they'd follow. All that was left was for him to run again, and leave another part of his life behind him.

The world had proven again that it was cold and merciless and he had no choice but to continue traveling it alone.

RP History: (Chronologically)
Beginning of a Journey: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3(Finished)
The Parasite Conspiracy(Finished)
August Event '15: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4(Finished)
In the Middle of Summer(Active)
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A Hot Park Mess(Status unknown - not considered canon)

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