Hissing Halls

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Hissing Halls

Post by Insanitorium9 on Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:11 am

*I've been wanting to do a survival-horror rp for a while now, and I would really like to make this plot*

(I've tried to make this as PG-13 as possible and not rated R)

A group of people, are trailing through a desert, until the inevitable happens, a mysterious structure heads right for them as it descends from the stars. The group takes shelter in a mountain cave , but the structure lands right before the cave, leading the group only one way to get out. Little do they know that the structure holds a creature that roams the halls of the dark structure. The protagonist will have no choice but to run, distract, and eventually end this monstrosity not in head-to-head combat, but instead actually use their heads for once and work together to escape.

*I would like about 4-6 people, fill in the short entry to register your runner.*

Name (of character):

Information about the area: A metallic structure with three floors and a large access hatch that leads out of the structure on the third floor, research papers are scattered everywhere, followed by a dim red flashing light, filling the halls with some light and not submerging the protagonist in complete darkness. Each floor is filled with halls, and a each corner, a large room is present. There are stairs on the first floor leading to the second floor, and the second floor is similar to the first, except for the large space in the middle, that can only be accessed from the third floor. A lift that ends on the top of the second floor, at the same place as the entrance for the first floor, leads to the third floor. The third floor is similar to the first and second floor, except that there is a catwalk in the middle,  below the large access panel, the access panel can be activated from the catwalk, and the large space that reaches down to the second floor, can be accessed from the catwalk also from a latter.

This is a character bio for the antagonist of the rp:


Name: MCI#5 (Mutant Category: Insectoid Number Five)
Age: (unknown)
Species: Morbian/Insectoid mutant
Gender: Unknown (theorized to either be female, or can be reproduced
paracitacilly-(means by paracites).)

Appearance: Very tall(twice the height of an average morbian); two bladed
appendeges, representing the arms of a praying mantis; hunched over posture;
hornet-like face; insectoid exoskeleton, representing skin; Army grren
fur on the back of it's neck and under the shoulders and knees; long neck;
brownish exoskeleton; army green iris; never speaks, (only chirps, hiss, or
squeaks); beetle-like wings; six hornet-like feet (but uses them like two feet
,like most mobians); mantis-like lower body (excluding legs).


Combat traits

Powers: Has the genetic advantages and disadvantages of a select amount of
morbian insectoids, which include a variety of these species: beetles,
hornets, mantis, and cockroachs.


Beetle gene: It has the exo-skeleton with the durability of a ironclad beetle,
and the strength of a horned dung beetle. Because of these traits, he can
withstand impressive damage with little care. It also has the strong wings of
a beetle, making him able to fly against very strong forces, (might even be
able to exit the atmosphere of Mobius).

Hornet gene: It's head and feet, represent the giant japanese hornet. It can
spit acid from it's mouth, proving very valuably for accessing airducts, or
destroying doors that is protecting it's prey.

Cockroach gene: Because of the small added gene of the cockroach, it has a
very high survival rate, making radiation useless. It can also squeeze it's
enormus body into tight spaces like air ducts.

Mantis gene: the appendeges that represent the arms of a praying mantis, have
developed enough protein in their front arms, that they developed into a
substance that is similar to keratin (the substance claws are made of) and
have developed blade like arms as a weapon.


Insectoid lust: MCI#5 has flaws, though his genes are very superior. Just like
a regular insect, MCI#5 is attracted to light, which he is lured to, ignoring
everything he was doing and just stare at the light source. He will chase
after any source of light he sees.

Host preservations: MCI#5 does not slaughter, instead he only knocksout the
morbians he hunts, it is theorized that he uses the body's of living organisms
to give the offspring warmth as they rest in the stomach of the prey, yet not
harming the victim, except eat all of the food the victim eats, and also
making the victim not move around as well, feeling sydated by the toxins the
offspring produces. Until the offsprings larve is thrownup as it has
developed. (It's pretty nasty, but not defenietly better than the RL way
paracites are born *cough* *cough* (also chestbursters from 'Alien')) MCI#5
will actually keep the victim in it's nest, and continually feeding the victim
as the offspring eats off the things the victim eats.

Social information

Positive relations

Host: the victims of MCI#5's, paracitistic procedure, are feed and are taken
care of in the nest MCI#5 lives in, for the organsims are sedated by the
toxins of the offspring that is living in the stomach, keeping warm and
larve in the stomach acids. (wow... this is disturbing... but I think it's
appropriate enough for the PG-13 rule. This is seriously just plain disgusting

Negative relations

(none though he's an antagoist)

History: Not much is known about this monstrocity, much less the organisation
that created it. Except that MCI#5 cannot speak or understand, english, and
acts more like an animal than a humanoid, as it does anything to reproduce and
survive. Research papers found throughout the lab though, shows reports about
the development of the creature daily, though they tell nothing of who the
reports were made by, how the creature was created, or why they created the

Chase theme (Whenever the antagonist starts chasing the protagonist):Chronicles of Riddick - Escape From Butcher Bay - Critters theme
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