Greetings, Everyone :3

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Greetings, Everyone :3

Post by UphillCord1 on Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:59 am

Hello, my name is Alec, or by as the username states (UphillCord1). For starters, I'm a decent Role player. I also have a decent amount of knowledge on "Sonic". If I did not, I would not be here AT ALL. That aside, My life is overall "Weird". Not normal as people want to believe, and let's face it, we all are weird in these parts. I particularly love art and how it evolves to this very day, photography in which, is the one thing I adore, then again, a lot of ideas were already taken in the process, so it's a bit aggravating of what ideas are NOT taken. The other thing I'd like to share is "Literature". I put quotation marks just to make a point. I love the idea of it for some reason. Maybe, it's because of how it just makes us smarter in such a unique way. Though, like everything else, it has it's bad and it's good. Practicing the ways of it makes it better, right? Is it me, or do I have an addiction to commas? Probably do. I'm a kind and gentle person. I'm fair when it comes to Role plays alike, and feedback. Yes. Constructive criticism included. I cooperate when things are unacceptably in action. I'm Serious and Comedic when it comes to Role plays, but I focus more on a serious subject, since I have a character that could interest a couple or so. I shall end with hoping that we can have fun exploring our imaginative world(s). That we together can create an expandable universe with the characters we love and cherish. Thank you for your time, and patience while reading this topic. Sayonara. Very Happy

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