The Impending Havoc

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The Impending Havoc

Post by AdrianTheZephyr on Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:23 am

So I've been thinking about this topic for a while now, and now I'm finally ready to make it happen. So here goes.

You are exploring through a lush forest along with a flock of other adventurers. As you continue further, you soon come across a giant old temple in ruins. Curious to see what's all inside, you all venture on ahead. Once you all head inside and explored a good chunk of it, you discover a jewel in one part of the ruins. This jewel holds outstanding power that radiates throughout the room. Curiously one of them takes the jewel for a closer observation, though what they soon discover is that they release a powerful sorcerer, who is ready to spread destruction to the city and soon, the whole world. And It will be up to you to stop him.

For this one, I want the main focus to be on the character development of each of the protagonists in the story. Who are they, are they willing to risk their live's to save the world? If so, why? That sort of thing.

Total # of people able to join: 6
Edit* 5 people total.

Now for this rp, I need to know who your character's are, so I will need a brief description of the. They should include the following:


I would like to know what you all think about this topic. All suggestions and criticisms are highly encouraged.

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Re: The Impending Havoc

Post by vegetaovr9000 on Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:11 am

Name: Srunks Abdessatar Ali Ammar
Age: 17 
Personality: Like really nice, to the point where it does more harm than good sometimes
Strengths: He's a skilled fighter with his hands and feet along with his trusty sword.
Weaknesses: His energy usage. If he runs lows, he has to recharge, leaving him vulnerable for attacks.

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Re: The Impending Havoc

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:30 am

Name: Crya (Mid) Night
Age: 15
Personality: She is an overly kind and outgoing person, stubborn at times but overall will cooperate. She loves to talk and is fun to be around.
Strengths: She is highly skilled with a bow and is fast on her feet. Her dark colored fur helps her blend into the shadows at night.
Weaknesses: Being the stubborn girl she is, she doesn't tend to think things through. She will try and protect those who need it but usually gets hurt in the process


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Re: The Impending Havoc

Post by Envy the Jealous on Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:33 am

Name: Toothless Bladesong
Age: 8-9
Strengths: His magic, sword, and despite his age, is pretty experienced in combat
Weaknesses: Darkedge will tell him to do evil things, he is slightly crazy, and his magic only extends to how much energy Toothless can spend
Misc: Darkedge can fire magic and bullets which go through any kind of non-solid material but effects are reduced on solid materials.
Personality: Hard to approach when he is alone, although he is easy to befriend, and makes a good friend, he is mysterious and otherworldly, and pretty easy to irritate, which can affect his magic, and as mentioned above he is slightly insane.

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Re: The Impending Havoc

Post by Insanitorium9 on Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:43 am

Name: Travis Dirus
Age: 16
Personality:A very shy character, he is used to be bossed around by other people. He can be persuaded easiy into doingmost things, except remove his filter mask in non-filtered air zone. He is used to not being noticed, using this to his advantage to be stealthy. He is not very good at conversations.He will trust many things that many people tell him, except a situation about removing his filter mask. Hates reveling his head or face. He is very unlucky to lots of stuff. Travis likesto view himself as a regular mobian, equal to everyone else, but saddly he's not ordinary.

Strengths:The Demon Inide:
While in demon form, he can teleport over short distances, he is faster
than normal, he is 3x taller than his normal size. Travis is much more
stronger and can soak up tons of damage, but he's not indestructible.
Travis also can access a plane (not an airplane) in which he will leech small amounts of life force out of both friends and enemies.(REMEMBER: only less than five minutes will this form be activated.)

Travis is used to being forgot about or not even known he's around,
he uses this advantage as a ninja-like mobian to move fast without
even being noticed which works well with his parkour skills

Travis is a part time mechanic, and also an inventor,
with his invention of the arm flame-throwers. He does not use the arm
flame throwers as weapons, but as a propulsion device to propel him to high
places, he can also repair motors or computers.

Tempted to find a cure for his "genetic mutation" Travis entered toxicology:
the study of the adverse effects of chemicals on living organisms. With this
study, Travis has learned to make poison, and also make cures for the poison
he can create. Travis though has only created a temporary serum to help with
effects of an aftermath of his "genetic mutation" but not a cure, he is afraid
there is none...


The Aftermath:
After placing his filter mask back on from demon form, Travis will have after
effects depending on the amount of time he was a demon: For about a less than
a miniute, he will have a major headache; for less than two, he will
experience nausia and a major headache; for less than three he will experience
nausia, migranes, and pass out; for less than four he will experience nausia,
migranes, passout, loss of blood and a temporary split personality that seem
to be fighting one another; for less than five he will experience all effects
from the previous plus episodes of anger and the will to harm anybody without
feel for a couple of days; for more than five is unknown, though it is
theoried to be long term injuries that could take a long period to recover
from. Also Travis will not recognize his actions in demon form, thus not
remember anything when changing back.

Terrible hand-eye cordination:
Travis is very good at speed and close combat, but range terrible for him,
he cannot throw or catch projectiles or items very well, usually resulting in
in falling down and face planting, or throw something over the target, or
around it. But guns are a diffent story.

Because of Travis's small build and light-weight body, Travis is not so well
with soaking up damage (unless demon form is active), this is why Travis
rathers stealth than head on combat.

(sorry if it's long, copied it straight from the bio so it would be as accurate as possible)
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Re: The Impending Havoc

Post by Thunder on Sun Jun 28, 2015 7:37 pm

Name: Thunder
Age: 15
Personality: A energetic fox who nearly never speaks of his past nearly always in a good mood and is very exited when it comes to swiming or being in water, aside from that he tries to avoid making freinds of the possibility of being ordered by death to kill them
Strengths: he can wield the power of lightning and can summon a scythe from the black serpent tattoo on his left arm, he can be fast and strikes semi-strong and hard
Weaknesses: he is very fragile making him if he is hit medium or strong he will be severely damaged
Special power: (i know this may be overpowered but i cant controll myself when i am in this form and i have to be put through huge emotional stress or witnessing his freinds dying by being killed) form "True Reaper" his black cloak gets thicker and tougher making him hard to damage he is quite faster his scythe gets more grim and evil looking his scythe getts a second blade on the bottom and he can split the scythe in half and be weilding 2 scythes his attacks get more powerful and he grows a bone mask in the shape of a skull on his face and he has no controll of what he does so he could kill one of his friends without relizing it, so he is basically a mindless emotionless killing machine, or Yuno from Mirai nikki, the 2 ways he can get out of the form are 1, break the mask on his face, or wait 3 hours and he will just revert back, downside for every hour he is in the form he is unconscious for a day.
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Re: The Impending Havoc

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