Hiiiii~ I am Toyken-kunn. I prefer any name given by someone and I'll be happy to meet everyone from the bottom of my heart! I swear by it in the name of rainbows~ But of course, you all could have remembered me from my last account, Nate Chiba. It will be a bit to explain but here goes. I tried one day to log onto the account of Nate Chiba, but instead, it wouldn't let me log in. In panic, I tried to get my password and see if that was the chase... Which it wasn't. Good enough, I knew a friend from here by the name of Tyson_The_Comet then decided to try to tell an admin about it. But after 5 months I got no call, and so Tyson had said to Uncanny_Illustrator about it and it seems by Tyson she could've forgot? So, Tyson told me to make a new account and if anyone were to ask or if I ever made mention about it, to talk about this account... Well, I just did. So, yeah. Otherwise, I have things to also talk about myself, so listen up! Now of course, my favorite color is green. I wuv BUNNIES... They are beautiful~ But I hate pandas... I also loooove rolplaying and I hope this site makes me better than I am now~ I have one goal too for this site... And it's to be everyone's best fwiend~