My little hello and explaining my OC

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My little hello and explaining my OC

Post by Godzilla the Hedgehog on Mon May 04, 2015 1:54 am

Hello! This is the first time I tried participating in forums or role playing so I hope I don't break any of the rules. There's not really too much to explain except for my OC, Godzilla (In Hedgehog Appearance). I know the name is not original but above all else, Godzilla is my favorite fandom so I try to make something to his likeness without just copying and pasting his personality. Godzilla is an immortal being that has been around since the Stone Age. For many years he's had immense boredom and will do anything to stop it. Despite looking like a hedgehog, Godzilla is actually much more closer to a dinosaurian, having sharp teeth, claws, and a tail. Adapted from this would include slightly better senses and having special pads on his feet that detect vibrations. A major annoyance of his is people mocking him because of his name being a movie character. If there are any problems with this character let me know and have a nice day.
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