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To Space We Go!

Post by Thunder on Tue Apr 07, 2015 3:55 pm

Description I know at first this sounds kind of stupid but listen I think I can change how you think about how fun it would be from the title which I will probably change, if you guise want to give recommendations for the name just pm me or reply to this post, ok now back to the role play, imagine this. "It's dark, you think where am I? (Memories flood back to you) oh yea my shuttle was destroyed. Well better get back home before the army says I'm dead or lost in space or something. (You go back to your home "planet")

At first you might think why a role play like this, well I would say that I want to get the whole site pumped up for Star Wars coming out in December, but if you don't like Star Wars then don't just close this post I want you to hear all of this, when you first start this role play you will start out with being a captain of a small battle ship (please don't start thinking this is cliché) or the captain of a small transport ship, if you chose the battle ship you can have lots of weapons but limited space for cargo. If you chose the transport ship then you can have not so many weapons but lots of cargo space. Listen to this if you are going to go solo not trying to work with anyone I recommend a transport ship because then you don't have to go back to planets as often to get more food and supplies but if you chose the battle ship in the same situation then you could protect yourself easier but have to go back to planets to get supplies very often depending on how large your crew is and if your the only one on your ship you need to hire workers to work on your ship like in weapons or in other important places or else they won't be operational.

Ok now down to some other things, this takes place in the future so don't rage at me for getting sonic stuff wrong (fyi this will be non-canon) now mobians inhabit other planets (and we do meet other "aliens" but they look exactly like regular people/mobians) and have created planetary armies, here are the list of planets and what is going on when we will be role playing.

Earth -if I'm right that is where mobians originated like sonic- the whole planet has been deserted for 500 years then we came back development has started and no major conflicts are going on at the moment

Basically the rest of the planets in our solar system have become mining colones with minimal attacks going on

Brenatar the first planet we have come to discover it has many features like earth and the whole planet is not one kind of ecosystem like some star wars planets that the whole planet is like a desert that can hold life development is complete the whole planet is like a giant trade center.

Yumalania what we thought would be an uninhabitable planet was changed because we found a way to make planets that can not sustain life will be able to by mass terraforming. No major conflicts just a small outbreak of thieves

Venrial a planet where almost everywhere on the planet is a mountainous area with a few exceptions of plains and forests is small areas. Almost the whole planet is stuck in poverty due to a terrorist group named Lost Lotus

Biltonia a planet with almost dead on characteristics that are the exact opposite of the features on earth what would be the continents are now oceans and what are now the oceans are now land. The exact opposite so if it is 100 feet above sea level it is 100 feet below sea level and vise versa.

Glenexro a planet that is just a mass forest is now a world civil war the whole planet is in a large civil war the planet is ruled by a king and the rebels want a democracy like all the other planets (like I just explained all the other planets are democracies and I am 100% serious) 

Treoter a planet known for its abundance of natural materials, often illegally mined in places by bandits, no major conflicts

Iophus the only planet affected by the frozen anomaly (planet does not rotate or orbit the sun) yet known for its beautiful scenery, abandoned due to night side starting to freeze yet people live on the sun side still but the planet is starting to get scorched on that side. No conflicts whatsoever

Veruta a planet blood stained from countless wars and mass murders, lots of conflicts going on here (the war planet) all cities evacuated with few refugees on the planet

Plaibos a planet with very rich farming soil, not many conflicts just a few bandit attacks, good place to go to get food.

Remia the planet of paradise, absolutely no conflics never will be, planet only exists in myths though.

Iolia the planet of scorched sands, whole planet is a desert of sands. Very rich in sand crystals which are useful for weather generators, some conflict but only gang wars and bandits

Ratera the planet in the dark, the planet is so far away from the sun it is always night time yet due to the large molten core the planet stays warm at around 70 degrees F
Planet sky is illuminated by millions of stars so the planet stays light enough to see.

Surus a planet of vast volcanoes and stone covered plains from cooled lava, very useful in the stone mining department, only fights about whose land is whose and illegal miners

Toturn a planet that was shattered into 5 pieces (literally the planet was blown up and now is in 5 pieces with a few smaller pieces floating around) the chunks just orbit around the core of the planet.

-all planets below here have not been terraformed-

Jevis is known as the planet stuck in time. The planet won't drop there beliefs of 100s of gods that they have belived in for 3000 years, no conflicts because they belive that if they have or participate in war they will be punished by the gods

Tania the planet of flowers, this is a planet that just loves nature so much that they live outside with no tents or beds just on the ground, conflicts between the terraforming company and developers.

Solea one of the 2 twins of earth, the continents are not shaped the same but the characteristics are very similar, lots of conflicts between the original inhabitants of the planet and the explorers of the galaxy

Kalara the other twin of earth same description as Solea, except the original inhabitants of the planet agreed to co-existence, a few bandits and wars to a small scale

Cleyotune the planet of the warriors, very simple description kind of like the final fantasy 8 planet still using swords and shiz but has space ships, so the future fantasy planet, yes there are conflicts between hostile creatures and bandits with some wars on a small and large scale.

Now let's get down to the planetary armies every planet has about 1-3 armies each with a similar yet different goal

Let's get this strait yes you can be a nomad you can be a free spirited traveling merchant or mercenary.

Earths armies
UPSA (United Planet Spacial Army) -still working on names of planets or armies so if it sounds stupid please tell me- there goal is to unite all planets like a large democracy getting all planets at a equal state as a democracy no more poverty and they will attempt to take you down if you get in there way. (This army is available for all planets)

Flaming Angel Army, there goal is to work for money they are a army of mercenaries if you pay them they might become mercenaries for your army.

Brenatar armies

BTF (Brenatarian Trade Foundation) there not really a army they are just a group of merchants if that is what you want to be

BSF (Brenatarian Security Foundation) they are just the average security foundation you would see trying to protect something or guarding prisons.

Yumalania Armies

YSF (Yumalanian Security Force) there goal is just to protect Yumalania from invaders or thieves. Same kind of story as BSF

SandScar Thief Group, the group of thieves on Yumalania trying to gain power to take down UPSA and there leader become the supreme leader of the Galaxy 

Venrial Army

Lost Lotus, a terrorist group that there goal is to control the Galaxy so there later children
will have the rights that there ancestors and themselves had lost in there childhood.

Glenexro armies

Glenexrian Rebels -working on a name for this one too- there goal is to get there planet
to become a democracy.

Glenexrian Royal Army, a army protecting the royal family and are against being a democracy.

Treoter armies

Treolian defense committee (TDC) there goal is to defend the planet and the galaxy if it is ever in trouble

Treolian fire squad (TFS) the war squad of the planet though it is a small army they pack a punch with there mechanical suits

Iophus armies

Iophus anomaly army (IAA) there goal is to search for a cure to the anomaly there planet is in

Veruta armies

Blood wolfs a group of refugees that have banded together to try to stop the wars on there planet

Plaibos armies

Plabios Spacial Defence there goal is to protect there planet from anyone who tries to attack it before they land on the planet

Iolia armies

Sand Reavers they exist to stop illegal mining of sand crystals.

Ratera armies

Twilight Hunters there main goal is to support anyone who will agree to work with them so if the UPSA agreed to work with them they would help them

Surus armies

Core Crusaders there goal is to ever so slightly mine deeper into there planet to find precious materials, and to protect there planet 

Toturn armies

Linked Destroyers there goal is to prevent what happened to there planet to all other planets

Jevis priests they exist to teach the galaxy of there religion and bring ultimate peace

Tania armies

Glade Protecters there goal is to prevent terraforming on there planet

Solea armies

Keepers of the balance there goal is to stop the UPSA from changing there government and laws

Kalara armies

Forgers of the balance there goal is the same as the UPSA's 

Cleyotune armies

Cley Warriors there goal is to just keep the balance on there planet

Cley Mancers same as the warriors goal exept this group uses ancient magic

Cley Rangers same as the warriors goal exept this group uses ranged weapons (yet no guns)

Combat stuff:
I set this up with a d20 combat system
There are 2 kinds of combat all with some subclassss
Space battle:
If you are in a space battle you would need to choose one of these
Engineer: Uses there skills to keep there systems running and keep combat systems running
Mechanic: Uses there skills to repair the ship from any internal damage or if a weapon breaks down
Gunner: Uses there skills in the turrets trying to take down the enemy

Ground combat:
If you are in a ground you would need to choose one of these
Sniper: Uses long ranged weapons to take down the enemy

Gunner: Uses mid ranged weapons to take down the enemy
Berserker: Uses mid ranged weapons to take down the enemy
Healer: Uses there skills to heal anyone who gets hurt in battle (usable with Cleyotune characters)
-all bellow are only for Cleyotune characters they can use none above-
Warrior: Uses close and mid ranged bladed weapons to take down the enemy
Ranger: Uses bows and cross bows to take down the enemy 
Mage/Mancer: Uses close mid and long ranged magic to take down the enemy

If you wish to join this role play set up your application like this

Name of character you wish to use:
Planet you came from:
Planetary army: (leave blank yet still have this column for freelance nomad)

Space Battle Class:
Ground Battle Class:
Spit up skill points (you start with 12)
Close Combat:
Ranged Combat:
Charisma: (basically negotiation skills)
Any extra notes you want me to know.

If you Join I hope you enjoy it.

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Re: To Space We Go!

Post by Thunder on Wed Apr 08, 2015 9:40 am

Planet of Origin: Cleyotune
Planetary Army: Cley Warriors
Space Class: Mechanic
Ground Class: Warrior
Close Combat:2
Ranged Combat:0
Additonal notes: can controll lightning at will, wields a Scythe, slow to anger, and quiet
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Re: To Space We Go!

Post by Thunder on Sat May 16, 2015 9:08 am

Im reviving this topic for the summer because more people will be free
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Re: To Space We Go!

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