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Comet the Fox YGvx6nX

Name: Comet
Nicknames: --
Age: 17
Species: Fox
Gender: Male
Height: 3'3"
Weight: 60 lbs
IQ: 100
Marital Status: Single
DOB: July 28th
Birth Place: Somewhere among the stars
Residence: --
Alignment: Hero
Basic Stats (added numbers cannot exceed 45)
Agility -  7
Speed -  9
Strength -  5
Defense -  5
Evasiveness - 7
Dexterity - 7
Intelligence - 5

Special Attacks:

Stardust Storm- Comet whips up super-heated particles of stardust and sends them flying around the opponent, raining down many burning embers on them.

Starlight Dash- Comet surrounds himself in a bright yellow light and dashes, either at the opponent or away as a way to dodge. 

Abilities & Aptitude: 

Power of the Stars:

Starlight Flight- Using the power of the stars, Comet can use a bright yellow light energy to propel himself forward or simply hover in the air. He often won't be able to use any combat techniques while flying using this method, because it would use up too much energy.

Starlight Dash- Another power gifted to him from the power of the stars, he can use this ability to dash in any direction on the ground or in the air. He can only dash twice simultaneously, and afterward he will have to wait a few minutes before being able to dash again. The Dash technique eats up his energy the fastest.

General Combat Ability- This power also grants him general combat ability, such as being able to form compact stars made of starlight, literally shaped like stars though. They do not hold the same heat and power as actual stars do. He can shoot these stars at his opponent. He can also use the energy to form raw blasts of energy, among other things. Through this power, he is also able to form his sword, Starry Sky, whenever he wants.

Hobbies & Talents: Nighttime flights, Acrobatic feats of wonderment


  • Not very good at paying attention to more than one thing at once, easily distracted
  • A little too bold, because of this he might even seem obnoxious at times
  • Soft-hearted

Personal facts
Friends: --

Rivals: --
Enemies: --
Known relatives: Bolide (Father), Aurora (Mother)

Likes/Favorite activities: Stargazing, watching Meteor Showers
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Confined places
Gourmet of choice: Rock Candy
Beverages of choice: Anything loaded with sugar
Favorite color(s): Orange


Comet is a happy-go-lucky, friendly fox, always looking to meet new people at every chance he gets. He is a little curious sometimes, but more often than not gets a little bit impatient and tends to rush past the small details. He can get himself into trouble this way, sometimes by saying things wrong though he usually doesn't have bad intentions. He tries to do his best most of the time, even if he messes up. He will usually get back up after a failure and try again, often being too stubborn to give up once he is set on something. 

He is very protective of his friends, to the point of being willing to sacrifice himself for someone he just met if he believes they are friends. In that way, he can be very naive and easy to trick if you are nice to him. It is not hard to get him to believe that you're a nice person, in fact usually just saying so with conviction is good enough for him. He can also be a little childish and goofy at times, not realizing when a subject turns serious and what not, which can deter people from wanting to talk to him about heavy subjects. 

Physical Appearance
Color: Yellow-Orange
Skin Color (i.e. muzzle, arms): Peach under his fur
Eye Color: Yellow
Other bodily features: Yellow star on his chest fur

Attire: He wears a light red-orange vest with a black collar, and shorts of the same color with a white belt. He has red-orange shoes with yellow stars in the middle. Around his left wrist, he wears a small black bangle with a yellow gem in the shape of a star embedded in it. He also wears a red-orange headband with black strapped, orange-red goggles over it, and a red-orange bandanna.

Items & Weapons: 

Starry Sky (Sword)- A sword with a medium sized white blade, adorned with a star pattern in the middle of the blade. The hilt is orange and black, with a yellow star emblem in the middle. A small chain hangs off of the handle, another emblem of the same design hanging at the end, only smaller.

Shooting Star (Extreme Gear)- A hover board that can fold into an easy to carry cube. It's your average extreme gear. It goes relatively fast and it hovers. That's pretty much it. 

Theme song: --

Back Story: 

Comet is a being born of stars, or so it believed, and belongs to a race of mobian-like beings that wander among the stars. More often than not, these beings are given the power to control the Power of the Stars, a power not unlike any kind of kinesis ability that some beings are gifted with. Beings born of stars don't have regular mobian adoptive parents, and are often raised by two older beings of the species. Comet had two loving parents that raised him while they wandered the far reaches of outer space. 

Comet had always wanted to go out on his own though, and when his parents figured he was old enough, they let him go off to explore the stars on his own. While he wandered among the stars, moons, planets and other miscellaneous debris, he came across Mobius. Interested in this planet, he landed and began his journey to explore the planet, aiming to make many friends and help many people along the way. Since then, he has been on Mobius for about a year now, still looking around at the marvels of the planet.

Main Characters:

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