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Post by Kai The Hedgehog on Tue Dec 16, 2014 9:58 pm

SYNERGETIC's Music Synerg10

So I like to dedicate my time to making music. I spent a lot of time and money crafting my studio to make it my own. 

I call my music self SYNERGETIC and I'm hoping to take the skills I have self taught myself to University to study Audio for games. I would like to take this opportunity to show off my work, but first, let me take you on a pictoral tour of my studio - the home of my ideas. SO MUCH TECHNOLOGIES!

SYNERGETIC's Music Studio_by_hushimohd-d883wv6]
^Overall view of my worskpace.

SYNERGETIC's Music Dsc_0010

^My Maschine (yes, spelt that way) This doo-hickey is what I use to trigger off samples and create my drum beats. It was very expensive (£600 expensive) IT LIGHTS UP PRETTY COLOURS THOUGH! Very Happy

SYNERGETIC's Music Dsc_0011

^This is my ZOOM R8. It's what I use to connect my Korg 01/W to aswell as being my overall soundcard. I also use it to record vocal samples.

SYNERGETIC's Music <a href=SYNERGETIC's Music Dsc_0012
^And this beast is the Korg 01/W. It's my favourite hardware synthesizer evar! Here's a little bit of trivia for you. Whose played the classic Sonic Adventure game? I'm pretty sure most people have. Well, remember this NiGHTS Pinball minigame in Casinopolis? Yes? Remember this music to it?...

WELL, most of the sounds you hear in this ARE from the Korg 01/W. Including the "Fluttery-Fluety" sound you hear on it, WHICH I can tell you is on Bank B, Patch 50 on the Korg 01/W and it's called DreamCycle. You'll hear the sound I'm on about if you keep on reading as I actually used that VERY sound in my work. Geeze, I need a life. XD


^This is my latest track. Inspired by China, it gives an ethereal sense with an underlying tone of totality. I'll let you decide what I mean by that.

^Remember that instrument that was used in the Sonic Adventure game? Well, it's in here. Listen carefully! It comes up a few times.

^This was done when I felt this thing called 'love'...yuk.

^And finally, this was done when I asked random questions like what would trees sound like if they could sing. 

That's all for now, I hope you liked them. Check back for more updates!


SYNERGETIC's Music Synerg10SYNERGETIC's Music Synerg11
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