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Astro Multicorp

Post by Funkydude527 on Tue Oct 07, 2014 3:32 am

Basic idea: Astro Megacorp is a mildly dystopian megacorp that forms from a merger between some of the largest business institutions in Station Square following the governmental weakness demonstrated by the chaos (pun intended). Characters can be employees and investors of this company. It would be made following a merger of a major bank that dominates the stock exchange, some sort of Space X equivalent, a military manufacturer, a computer hardware/software mogul, a research think tank, and a ubiquitous trade union. That list is far, far from ironclad and static. The idea is basically strength in numbers, as well as quashing competition, with the trade union acting as a regulator to keep employees relatively enfranchised. Its essentially a superultratrust that self regulates because of all the competing interests. Heated board meetings, but productive ones.

Thoughts, comments, concerns?
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