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Rai the Porcupine 8X3SQ7z

Name: Rai
Nicknames: --
Age: 25

Species: Porcupine
Gender: Male
Height: 3'6"
Weight: 78 lbs
IQ: 125

Marital Status: Single
DOB: October 16th
Birth Place: Clarus City
Residence: --

Occupation: Vigilante
Alignment: Hero
Basic Stats (added numbers cannot exceed 45)
Agility -  7
Speed -  9
Strength -  6
Defense -  4
Evasiveness - 6
Dexterity - 5
Intelligence - 7

Special Attacks: 

Lightning Strike- Using his lightning powers, Rai can conjure bolts of lightning to strike his opponents quickly. 

Lightning Trail- After being electrically charged, when he runs Rai can leave trails of electric sparks behind him, making it tricky to run after him if he decides to run. 

Charged Swords- Sometimes he will pump his weapons full of electricity making every hit shock and burn. After a while, his weapons will lose their electric charge unless he continually pumps electricity into them. 

Abilities & Aptitude: 

Electrokinesis- Rai possesses the ability to conjure electricity and manipulate lightning and any kind of electrical current. It's as simple as that. 

Short Sword Proficiency- Rai is proficient in using short swords and other small blades. He is not a master of these weapons, but he is proficient enough to be able to hold his own in battle. 

Lightning Reflexes- To be expected of any electricity user, Rai has very fast reflexes and can react to things at lightning speed- that's pretty exaggerated though.

Hobbies & Talents: Free-Running, Soccer


  • Rai normally cannot hurt himself with his electricity, he'll just reabsorb it back into his body- but when he is wet he can accidentally hurt himself.
  • Good insulators, obviously. Anything like rubber that makes electricity virtually useless will totally negate one of Rai's greatest offenses.
  • He's not good at dealing with groups in battle.

Personal facts
Friends: --

Rivals: --

Enemies: --

Known relatives: Unnamed parents, unnamed brother

Likes/Favorite activities: Sparring, thunderstorms, flowers

Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Swimming, Being unfocused
Gourmet of choice: Cabbage
Beverages of choice: Tea
Favorite color(s): Any kind of Light Blue


Rai is a pretty serious character. Whenever he's doing something, he likes to stay focused on that one thing until it's done- then he'll move on to focusing on and caring about something else. In that way, he can also be pretty determined. He likes doing things his own way, and can be really stubborn and immature at times as such. 

He's pretty clever, and is good at coming up with ideas on the spot. And although he is serious a lot, he isn't without a sense of humor and enjoys joking around every now and then when he isn't doing something that requires his full attention. 

Physical Appearance
Color: Black
Skin Color (i.e. muzzle, arms): Kind of tan, slightly dark 
Eye Color: Electric Blue
Hair/Quill Style: His quills flare out in sort of a star shape, in "gaps" between spines, two thinner electric blue spines stick back. 

Other bodily features: He has a tuft of white fur on his belly. 
Attire: He wears two black gloves with electric blue diamond markings on the back. He has a black belt around his waist that holds the sheathes to his two short swords. He wears black boots, with electric blue markings running up and down them- they glow in the dark. 

Items & Weapons: 

Lightning Swords- Rai carries two short swords with him at all times. They are shaped like lightning bolts and are very tough despite being pretty small. 

Theme song: ---


Charged Rai- It is unknown how Rai reaches this form, it is probably a super form of sorts as he becomes very powerful for a short amount of time. He can draw electricity from anywhere- and manipulate it with ease. His power increases by tons in this form- but it drains him very quickly and he is likely to not be able to use his Electrokinesis for a long while after being in this form.

Back Story: 

Main Characters:

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