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Post by Flaros on Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:21 pm

I apologize incredibly in advance if this goes against the rules. I read that we cannot promote forums or sites unless we have fifteen posts. Sadly I don't have this. As I mentioned in my intro post about myself, I am a film maker with my own film company and a strong team behind me with a lot of projects coming up in the future after a pretty long hiatus.

However I'm not promoting a site, I really just wanted to show off a piece of work I did back in 2013. Yes it is attached to our very infant stage short film studio Mr. Psycho Productions LLC, however I won't link to sites or anything like that. So I figured posting a video might be fair game?

If that's not the case I am so very sorry and I will take the penalty on my account if needed or simply never do it again until I have the appropriate amount of posts ( don't hurt me ;.; ). Again I'm just trying to show off a video we made at the con.

I digress. So I'm a huge Cosplayer, as are a lot of my friends. We decided to make a video for our biggest local Anime Convention. Part showing off Cosplays, part Lip Dub. To a pop punk version of a popular song which everyone seems to like so far.

I did most of the outdoor and well lit shots while sadly the shots taken at night and indoors were taken by my friend who was still learning how to operate his DSLR camera. So some of the quality shifts around sadly.

I am in the video I think three times. I'm Cosplaying Kaneda from the Anime Film Akira. So I'm the dude in an all red outfit (red pants, red leather jacket, pill logo on the back, laser rifle, brown boots and gloves, aviator goggles around my arm etc.), with a black wig, and a big laser gun. I get a really cool grand finale at the very end of the video where I throw on my "sexy face" hahah.

And my buddy Brad Cosplayed as Tetsuo and we get a shot of him at the end looking over the city on this really high spot on a parking structure. Even gave him his mechanical arm. His wig is white cause we were going with the Manga version rather than the film version of the characters.

So for any Cosplayers out there, this one is for you. It was our first attempt doing something like this, we tried to get it as organized as possible but it didn't turn out as well as we wanted (though people again seem to really enjoy it, especially those featured in it). Hopefully you guys will enjoy it too! Very Happy

There's two parts showing off a female human Shadow the Hedge..human (one of my ex girlfriends) and female human Mephiles as well. In one part they are fighting over who gets to have me (Hahahah) and in another part they do a lip dub to part of the chorus.

So maybe let me know what you guys think? I would love feedback and constructive criticism. We haven't got plans to do another Cosplay Music Video this year but if we do, what do you think we could do to improve? Aside from the obvious lighting issues that seem to switch on a dime and the grain from those low light conditions which really bugs me to no end.

But enough ranting. Enjoy guys!!

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