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Oh yes its ShadAmy throw the stones at me ouo Just read it and then judge me XD

A Modern Day Beauty and the Beast Featuring Shadow And Amy Rose~
In The corrupt City of LA, Amy plays the role of the poor collage Drop out practically living on left over food at the dinner she is currently making a living at. She works diligently for her family to live in the small little apartment she shares with her three brothers Sonic Knuckles and Tails. But its still not enough to keep everyone healthy.

Meanwhile Shadow the Hedgehog lives to his leisure in riches while everyone begs at his feet for Mercy. The Well Known Mafia Gangster has The whole Town of LA at there throats, along with his two trusted accomplices in crime, Rouge the Bat who Mostly takes Care of dirty Work, and 123Omega who stands as his best friend and his personal body Guard.
This Criminal Runs and Controls the City Keeping Other Gangs in check, or otherwise, mass murder rates would go up in one night.

While Sonic and his partner tails run the biggest Police organization in LA they Plan to bust down the criminals, (Along with Knuckles as the Private eye) without getting there guys killed. As long As Shadow keeps his deal, while they pay him off. They are for the most part safe, as long as they keep paying Shadow for his his "services" While at the Same time trying to get evidence to expose him to the public.

But recently Shadow has grown depressed and Unhappy with his life whilst still staring at the stars as if he were a child again. One night he is visited by a very old friend in a dream who is seeming disappointed in him. She places a curse on him from the afterlife, that for three months he will become the monster he has made him out to be, unless he finds someone willing to love him for who he truly is. He is given a Rose a symbol of this promise, that will die in three months time. 'when the last petal falls' (oh so cliche but cute eue)

Finding out this curse has become real he isolates himself in his own fortress, disgusted by himself, as he puzzles for the answer to this curse, or he will be stuck like that forever, till the end of his days. He has three months Only to find the answer.

One particular night Sonic Tails including the Gang of Police Men who have been looking for the "monster" Who has been committing murders left and right for three weeks, find 'its' hide out, and decides to capture or kill this 'beast' But in Fact Sonic gets captured himself, while everyone else runs in fear. Tails Goes home in Shock telling his Family of the recent events that have just occurred, and Vows to kill this 'thing' himself, no matter how long it takes. Amy being as brave as she is decides to go herself and find out how to put a stop to this. For Tails sake As Well As sonic.

Thank you for reading this all the way through before pelting me with rocks. //is pelted// Ow.

XD So.....I was thinking this might be a little to violent for this site, But then i decided....Well....I guess it cant be that bad if we just mild it down to a Yellow level XD I mean i dont think anyone on this site is five years old

But if you are interested, and you like all that Bloody Gorey Junk then we can do this rp else where ((probably my deviant Art Most likley in Notes XD))

So PM me if interested so we can discuss discuss discuss.


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